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@Erik-KountzmanWorking Family from Missouri answered…5 days

No, we must monitor, then if they do anything shady we capture them, then we interrogate them, and then we imprison them.

@9YMQ26WWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…6 days

The U.S shouldn't involve itself in foreign affairs unless it directly affects U.S citizens

@9YMNKC8Women’s Equality from Virginia answered…6 days

In one way yes in another no if they plan to attack us take them and put them in a prison to rot for they're terrible plans if they already have attacked then take them and torture them for all the lives they took.

@9YLRKJ4Democratfrom Maine  answered…1wk

No, this would encourage the breakdown of the unwritten law on state assassination - including of Russia (eg Skripal - but every month!)

@9YLCG5HConstitution from North Carolina answered…1wk

Yes, if they are for sure planning to do something. No, if they don't pose a serious soon to happen threat capture, interrogate and imprison them.

@9YL3YHLConstitution from Tennessee answered…1wk

No. We need to stop being imperialist. Stop interfering with other countries, and also make sure they never step foot on our soil or have access to our cyber assets.

@9YKZ2LCWorking Family from Colorado answered…1wk

Yes only is there is evidence they have attacked or are planning to attack out country

@9YKDQTWDemocrat from Texas answered…2wks

@9YK69ZYDemocrat from Washington answered…2wks

@9SXD6Y2Veteran from Texas answered…8mos

No, they should be captured and given a fair trial only if the government of the country they are residing in has given permission to turn them over to the U.S.

@9SWTQWWGreen from Arizona answered…8mos

@9SVCK5HPeace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…8mos

No, killing is never the answer and they are in another country.

@9SQYGXLRepublican from Illinois answered…9mos

Smaller military actions should be at presidents discretion. Major military conflicts should be approved by congress.

@9SQL5SBConstitution from Mississippi answered…9mos

No, That would allow a corrupt government to assassinate anyone they label a suspected terrorist.

@9SPZX89Constitution from California answered…9mos

yes, only if they have committed a crime on U.S. soil or our troops and continue to attack them

@9SPYMKRTranshumanist from Pennsylvania answered…9mos

@9SPRT4KIndependent from Virginia answered…9mos

recieve permission from the country and provide evidence unless enemy country

@9SNTCQ6Transhumanist from North Carolina answered…9mos

I believe that if anything is done, the attack on the terrorist should not harm anyone who is innocent, and should take place away from other innocent people; Only if there is evidence that he/she/they have attacked the US before. If there is any assicination taking place, it should be by lethal injection, and no inhumane torture.

@9SNQR38Transhumanist from Connecticut answered…9mos

Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence they are planning to attack our country or if there is undeniable evidence they have attacked our country

@9SNJNXTConstitution from California answered…9mos

@9SLJYH5Peace and Freedom from Kansas answered…9mos

they should look into things first and not go straight to assassination

@9SL9FVHDemocrat from Nebraska answered…9mos

kinda but it could cause conflict with the other country leading to war or something

@9SKV223Veteran from California answered…9mos

Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence they are planning to attack our country and/or but only if there is undeniable evidence they have committed an attack against our country.

@9SKGQ62Transhumanist from Wisconsin answered…9mos

yes only if they are either commiting a crime of terrorism or have done

@9SKG5Q4Democrat from Iowa answered…9mos

No, there should be indisputable evidence they are planning to attack the US before capturing, interrogate, and imprisioning them

@9SK4BKPPeace and Freedom from Arizona answered…9mos

No, the United States should not assassinate any suspected terrorist without concrete, undeniable evidence that they have attacked or are planning to attack our nation. Also, once such evidence were to manifest itself we should then obtain both congressional approval along with approval from that sovereign state to enter their country to capture, not kill, said suspected terrorist. They should also consider relations with the country the terrorist is from/in and see what they can do about it so that there is minimal conflict

@9SK2T5LProgressive from Alabama answered…9mos

@9SK2QQ9Women’s Equality from Oklahoma answered…9mos

Yes only if we have the consent of the country we are operating in

@9SJW6G2Working Family from Oklahoma answered…9mos

Yes, if there is undeniable evidence that they have planned or are planning an attack on our country, but imprisonment and interrogation for those that are suspected of these

@9SJ32JQRepublican from Maryland answered…9mos

Yes, but if there is undeniable evidence that they are about to attack our and other country's

@9SHBP87Independent from California answered…9mos

Yes, but with the authorization of the host country. Unless the country's government is corrupt and working with the terrorist organization.

@9SFDS9PDemocrat from Georgia answered…9mos

Are you kidding me? This question is asking, "Should America be able to travel to another country, scare it's citizens, and kill people, just because they are suspected (no proof, no nothing) of being a terrorist. This country is something else. Let America assassinate it's racist cops and KKK members, first. Worry about what is in your country, before trying to fix someone else's country. America, a country with the most blood on it's hands, believes they are saints. Hypocrisy and stupidity at it's finest.

@9SF7ZXDWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…9mos

Yes, but only if they are doing it in self-defense while trying to capture the suspect

@9SDH2MTWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…9mos

Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence they have committed an attack against our country and they should be captured and given a fair trial

@9SB7H4LDemocrat from California answered…9mos

I don't think the government has the right to kill anybody, so I am conflicted with this one as well

@9S9TTDMRepublican from Tennessee answered…9mos

yes, if we have proof that they are trying to attack us like if we are 200% sure that they will attack us

@Madelyn-SelzVeteran from Illinois answered…9mos

@9S8CVWWRepublican from Alabama answered…9mos

yes but only if they are planning an attack on our country or has previously attacked our country.

@9S763NVVeteranfrom Maine  answered…9mos

No, they should recieve a trial if their threats to the US are credible.

@9S73N6YWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…9mos

@9S72YKDConstitution from Minnesota answered…9mos

@9S6QC74Women’s Equality from New York answered…9mos

No why should we be worried about terrorists in another country than we should give them a fair trial.

@jaidynrennerGreen from Wisconsin answered…9mos

@9S65N9TDemocrat from Indiana answered…9mos

instead of infiltrating a foreign country because it is suspected that there is a terrorist there, leave it up to said foreign country to find them

@9S65HSPDemocrat from Maryland answered…9mos

i feel like yes but only if it has to come to that to us safe

@9S54N7QWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…9mos

No, absolutely not they're humans too. You need evidence first.


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