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@9FXJ55QDemocrat from Utah answered…1yr

No, minimum wage should be based on cost of living in the specific geographic areas

@9FYHRPLGreen from Florida answered…1yr

No, minimum wage should be set at the state or city level. But the federal government should make sure that the minimum wage is a livable wage.

@9FXZ5KGWomen’s Equalityfrom Maine  answered…1yr

Minimum wages should be set based on the education and skill sets and not in general. This will enable further investment in education for those who want higher paying jobs. In return there will be an improvement in the human capital.

@9YBXSXYSocialist from Missouri answered…3wks

base it on each state's living cost. It needs to follow basic living costs

@9YP5DG2Democrat from Wisconsin answered…2 days

No. A country wide minimum wage does not make any sense, since it does not take into consideration a local’s standard of living.

@9YNZCDWPeace and Freedom from Alaska answered…3 days

@9YNXQV4Veteran from California answered…3 days

Yes, but don't be ridiculous and start with $8 to $10, not straight to $15

@9FRWHSXWomen’s Equality from Kentucky answered…1yr

I think we should increase the minimum wage, but still make it a reasonable increase considering more experienced- and in general higher paid individuals- get paid the amount they deserve.

@9FR8N3CIndependent from California answered…1yr

The more minimum wage goes the more expensive things will be. More is not more.

@9FR2HSHDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…1yr

Yes but it should be in the form of a percent of the companies highest earner, ex: if CEO earns 3,000,000 then the lowest earner should make 2.5% to stop a massive wealth gap

@9FR24PPGreen from Colorado answered…1yr

Controlling inflation is much more effective and the bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

@9FQSPCQDemocrat from Indiana answered…1yr

Yes, make it a living wage, add regulations so markets don’t adjust causing prices to increase, and take low-income housing funds, no longer necessary when all ppl can afford market rate housing and use that to support small businesses that will struggle to pay living wages.

@9FQQL4PLibertarian from Washington answered…1yr

Living wages should be paid to minimum wage workers based of the cost of living within their state.

@9FQJCPBConstitution from California answered…1yr

@9FQ99PNAmerican from Florida answered…1yr

There's an argument to be made by people who can only work, or only find minimum, wage jobs to get by. So my stance is split.

@9FPGY8CTranshumanist from North Carolina answered…1yr

Minimum wage should exist and be continually raised, but should exist at the county level.

@9FNV6RGVeteran from California answered…1yr

@9FNGB34Republican from Georgia answered…1yr

@9FND3D2Transhumanist from Wisconsin answered…1yr

No, it should be up to states to decide whether or not to increase the minimum wage in each state.

@9FM6D98Women’s Equality from New York answered…1yr

No, but they should make job placement easier for young professionals in the field

@9FM3W67Republican from Nebraska answered…1yr

No. This will either cause prices to increase or jobs to become automated.

@9FLTZ4PGreen from Arizona answered…1yr

Yes, make it a living wage and have the main earners in a company take a pay cut to prevent price increases.

@9FLQTD9Transhumanist from California answered…1yr

No, universal basic income is a better solution in a world where automation provides free labor

@9FLKW85Republican from Oregon answered…1yr

No, if we raise minimum wage the cost of living will just increase.

@9FLDXBJVeteran from Colorado answered…1yr

No, it should be done at a state level to mirror their economies and their living wage.

@9FKY62WConstitution from Kansas answered…1yr

No. Minimum wage should be set as a standard for an individual job, not one encompassing all jobs. The minmum wage for a doctor should be higher than that of a fast food worker, thought it wouldn't hurt if the modern minimum wage could at least safely support one person.

@9FKWXXYGreen from Nebraska answered…1yr

Companies should have a certain minimum wage based off their earnings

@9FJS5N8Veteran from Minnesota answered…1yr

@9FJRV8HRepublican from Ohio answered…1yr

Yes, but only in areas where the cost of living is much higher.

@9FJG5GDConservativefrom Virgin Islands  answered…1yr

@9FJF7XMGreen from California answered…1yr

Yes, and create salary restrictions for CEO's that do not give fair wages. Make sure that money is distributed well internally to prevent inflation.

@9FJ4LK8Women’s Equality from North Carolina answered…1yr

@maadiman1170Libertarianfrom Texas  answered…1yr

No, this is a States issue per the 10th Amendment, and the federal government should eliminate all wage standards

@9FHJ99SIndependent from Illinois answered…1yr

No, minimum wage is too diverse of a subject to handle at the federal level. Make it state set.

@9FGTH88Libertarian from Colorado answered…1yr

Wages should be between workers and employers. Stop taxing people instead.

@9FDBWFZPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Only if we switch to a system that can allow social and financial mobility

@9F8MHFLGreen from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Yes it needs to be enough to live and needs to be updated every year or 6 months.

@9F8LWXRRepublican from Iowa answered…1yr

Minimum wage for adults should be different for teens. If we raise the wages then businesses will need to raise prices to cover the cost. A teen doesn’t need the higher wages ( they should get paid a fair wage ) but a family does need a wage that they can live on.

@9F8FV8DWrite-In from Idaho answered…1yr

Yes, for job that requires specialized training or a degree. Not for entry level jobs.

@9F8DWVLVeteran from Arizona answered…1yr

The minimum wage should be decided at the state level. The cost of living is different from state to state

@9F8DNSHIndependent from Oregon answered…1yr

I think the minimum wage should be a livable wage but increasing it also increases prices in a cycle

@9F8DN9XRepublican from Louisiana answered…1yr

No, abolish minimum wage and let businesses decide what their employees are worth.

@9F8D5XQGreen from Oregon answered…1yr

Minimum wage should be enough for people to live but also if the minimum wage keeps increasing then the prices are just going to continue to increase and this will be a never ending cycle.


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