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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...10yrs

Yes, and deregulate the energy sector to let the free market determine the best energy sources

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@smowery65from Virginia  answered…2yrs

Yes. There are millions of gallons of oil off Cuba. If we were able to drill offshore of Cuba and refine and sell our own fuel here, we would no longer have to rely on the Middle East.

@4QR9WS5from Wisconsin  answered…2yrs

No, not until safety measures can be put in place to stop all oil leaks, with the Company CEO being held totally responsible with mandatory prison terms, if any negligence is proven.

@4RF9LRGConstitutionfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

Yes, deregulate the energy sector to let the free market determine the best energy sources, but nationalize oil to use 100% to fund expansion and Jewish population growth programs.

@4RWZMJ2from Minnesota  answered…2yrs

@4RG6QZPfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

Why? Do you need that so badly? Are American people out of oil? Or do you want only money? :D Then, no way. Find safer ways (and more friendly to environment) to earn your useless money.

@4S5T2QBfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

@9453YZM from Indiana answered…10hrs

@944QNMB from Arizona answered…2 days

@944J9R7 from Nevada answered…2 days

Yes, but only as far as absolutely necessary and while also increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

@9445J4W from Michigan answered…4 days

No, however they should maintain and improve current offshore drilling and provide incentives to create better and more effective energy sources and usage of current ones.

@943HX6J from Washington answered…5 days

Yes but with severe penalties for any time they don't do everything they can to maintain them. The people in charge should would have to go into hiding if it was found that they mismanaged them.

@943DG6L from Nevada answered…6 days

@93ZWMNH from Arizona answered…2wks

No. End all offshore oil drilling, provide more incentives for alternative energy production, and nationalize the energy sector

@93Z9ZPD from Florida answered…2wks

@93Z2XHN from New York answered…2wks

@93YTJG4Socialistfrom Maine  answered…2wks

Nationalize the energy sector and provide more alternatives for energy production.

@93YQ624 from Florida answered…2wks

No, end all offshore oil drilling; AND nationalize the energy sector

@93YBKTF from Louisiana answered…2wks

@93Y8TNY from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

No, the whole 'we need to drill more' myth is based on a misunderstanding of energy economics.

@93XYWTX from Wisconsin answered…2wks

@93X985SRepublican from Texas answered…2wks

@93X3D7H from Washington D.C. answered…3wks

@93WJRWQDemocrat from Florida answered…3wks

No, but a temporary loosening up of these restrictions may be necessary to kick-start the economy.

@93WCQ46 from Virginia answered…3wks

No. The government should not be involved with business and commerce.

@93WC5PGRepublican from Washington answered…3wks

No, the US should use our own resources first to remain energy independent

@93W986X from Arkansas answered…3wks

@93VYKMY from Arkansas answered…3wks

@93TNN45 from Arizona answered…4wks

@93TMVNY from Rhode Island answered…4wks

@93TLHRT from Florida answered…4wks

Yes, but continue to invest in green projects to sustain demand/supply domestically for energy.

@93T3VXX from Oregon answered…4wks

too complicated to fit here... besides, u will never pay me what I am worth.

@93STKGH from Georgia answered…4wks

@93SHQL7 from Indiana answered…4wks


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