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@5T5DJB3Republicanfrom Illinois  answered…2yrs

This is insane. How can you use illegal and benefits in same sentence? Someone should not become a citizen just because they gave birth here. Mexico for sure does not allow this, and the rest of the world with exception for two other countries. This way of taxing others to pay for such expenses is insane.

 @Some-Crusader-12…Constitution from California commented…2mos

No, and the government should never subsidize healthcare

Unfortunately that opinion isn't insane in C*lifornia

@B4KTNT6Veteran from Illinois answered…7hrs

No unless they are trying to assimilate by working and paying taxes through non SS tax ID. Borders need to be closed until we can rid homelessness and pay down some of our national debt.

@B4KS59RIndependent from Washington answered…9hrs

Yes, but only for adults experiencing life threatening emergencies or infectious diseases and their minor children should have access.

@B4KQS3MRepublican from Massachusetts answered…12hrs

Absolutely not it will drain whatever money the US government has left

@B4K4WSXDemocrat from South Carolina answered…2 days

Yes, if they pay taxes. And if they pay taxes and are contributing to the economy, they should be granted citizenship.

@B4JZ8NQWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…2 days

Yes, but they should be given the resources to become a legal citizen (for free)

@B4HM9RGVeteran from Virginia answered…1wk

Emergency services. Should be for all legal and illegal people visiting the country. Legal immegrants and all citizens should have access to Emergency services (if determined to not being an emergency you pay for it) and preventive care.

@B4HCMKHTranshumanist from Massachusetts answered…1wk

Yes, undocumented people should have ACCESS to government subsidized health care if they pay the cost of it; it should not be "free"

@B4H9TRNLibertarian from Texas answered…1wk

The government should not subsidize healthcare, they should be allowed to buy private insurance.

@B4FPWL6Progressive from Arizona answered…2wks

@B26LG27Women’s Equality from Texas answered…4mos

@B24PQ8HDemocrat from Texas answered…4mos

Yes, the should once their going through the process to get citizenship

@B244LQ2Democrat from Colorado answered…4mos

@9ZZX7YHWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…5mos

Yes, but they need to do what is required to become a citizen.

@9ZZVB5MDemocratfrom Virgin Islands  answered…5mos

Illegal immigrants,Legal immigrants and US citizens all shoul

@9ZZFYZDWomen’s Equality from California answered…5mos

Yes. There should be a way for them to become legal and contribute.

@9ZZ64NPWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…5mos

yes, we should care for all, children should have free care no matter the problem

@9ZSZCJ9Women’s Equality from Texas answered…5mos

Yes, and once they get their healthcare taken care of they should be given a background check to make sure they are liable to stay in the country and if so grant them citizenship

@9ZSV7FFConstitution from Idaho answered…5mos

If anyone is in serious danger, they should have the right to be helped medically.

@9ZSDQM9Democrat from Texas answered…5mos

I believe they should get their citizenship first then it will be right.

@9ZRT9ZLGreen from Tennessee answered…5mos

Yes, anyone who comes to my country should be allowed healthcare regardless of any factors.

@9ZRKPKMWomen’s Equality from Washington answered…5mos

Yes, If they pay taxes and break zero laws they should be able to gain citizenship

@9ZR7933Transhumanist from Texas answered…5mos

Yes, and allow them a choice between becoming a citizen or being deported

@9ZR4353Democrat from Washington answered…5mos

yes only for life thretinig emergencies or ingectious diseases and illigals should take background checks if they want to stay

@9ZQZCXSDemocrat from Ohio answered…5mos

Yes, but only if the person is seeking a visa or citizenship

@9ZQDQ6BDemocrat from Georgia answered…5mos

If they are working and paying taxes, they should be allowed to have healthcare along with assistance in obtaining citizenship or at least a visa

@9ZP5PP2Democrat from Ohio answered…5mos

It's complicated. Likely yes, but depending on the circumstances.

@9ZNWMCWDemocrat from Kentucky answered…5mos

@9ZNLDFZIndependent from California answered…5mos

They should have access the same equal healthcare like the rest if the citizens in the U.S.

@9ZN6F47Democrat from Florida answered…5mos

@9ZN6DQ9Constitution from North Dakota answered…5mos

If someone urgently needs healthcare then it is different than getting healthcare for a flu.

@9ZN6365Green from Wisconsin answered…5mos

They should if they are really bad, but the government should help them to get the visa or something to not be illegal anymore and they can work an pay takes legally

@9ZN3X6CWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…5mos

Yes, if they pay taxes or if they have a life-threatening condition

@9ZFJZSCSocialist from California answered…5mos

@9ZFHQLYWomen’s Equality from New York answered…5mos

@9ZDFVBWSocialist from Tennessee answered…5mos

@9ZD33FMVeteran from Georgia answered…6mos

No, but they should be allowed to purchase private healthcare, as long as they work on becoming legal citizens.

@9ZCTL2NLibertarian from New Jersey answered…6mos

Yes but I do not agree with government subsized healthcare.

@9ZBN5QLTranshumanist from Texas answered…6mos

Yes, but then after treatment is done let them decide wether to stay or leave the country

@9ZB93MQWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

If it is life threatening there is no reason that they should be denied

@9Z84D5KPeace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…6mos

If they make the choice to go through the legal process than of course. I fell it's unfair that they should be treated differently if they only lived in the U.S. for a shorter amount of time.

@9Z7PDRHGreen from New Jersey answered…6mos

They should have emergency healthcare and after citizenship screening grant citizenship

@9Z6Z5ZTConstitution from Nevada answered…6mos

They don’t pay taxes and they are illegal and bringing problems from their countries into ours

@9Z2Y765Republican from Idaho answered…6mos

No, cause the illegal aliens will be taking the healthcare from the people and the immigrants who came here legally.

@9Z2FMZGWomen’s Equality from Arizona answered…6mos

If the person posses no threat to the countries people, than they should have right to vote and even possibly have the right to be a citizen.


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