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@5XB92QLRepublicanfrom Maine  answered…1yr

We should push for an organization that only allows countries who respect human rights to have a say. Example: Why was Uganda under Idi Amin in the `70s and Lybia in 2003 allowed to have Najat al-Hajjaji in charge of the UN human rights commission? Like asking Hitler to oversee violations in a Concentration camp.

@5SFDX7HDemocratfrom Montana  answered…1yr

The USA should obey INTERNATIONAL LAW. We can cooperate fully with the U.N. without losing our sovereignty. Lately the USA has been a rogue nation.

@5QS7XY9Democratfrom Colorado  answered…1yr

Calling the UN a "world government" is fallacious. It's more akin to an international negotiating table with a name and a permanent staff to keep it running. What we need is an actual world government. See you in 100 years.

@5RS6SB9Libertarianfrom Washington  answered…1yr

No, and remove the U.N. entirely from existence. It is absolutely the biggest threat to our sovereignty as an independent nation and our freedom from a one world slavery system a.k.a. the NWO.

@5PZ3HGLLibertarianfrom Utah  answered…1yr

What UN? The one that ignores the human rights violations of Saudi and the other Islamic terrorists factories? Why does it exist? Human Rights are not involved in the current agenda. If it exists it should function as it is funded. Currently it does not.

@Alan-DjikkaityIndependent from New York agreed…11mos

I agree, I support the concept, but we need to exile the nations that dont obey human rights laws that we made in the first place

@5RX7VY4Republicanfrom North Dakota  answered…1yr

Donald Trump is correct. We need to renegotiate our affiliation with both the UN and NATO. If they cannot begin to provide funding for their own operations, then they need to go. The US has become their funding for anything they choose to do and America is fed up paying for their nonsense. We either need to have more control over what they choose to do or they need to get other countries to pay for it!

@9ZKMPCMRepublican from Maine answered…2 days

Yes, and wrest control of the U.N. totally from China and Russia.

@9ZHTDZVWrite-In from New Jersey answered…4 days

Yes, if we leave the UN then we give up all power in the UN

@johndroca2020Democrat from New York answered…2wks

Yes, but we should open a discussion about equally distributing the fiscal funding of UN among other nations and decreasing our contributions if we can.

@9Z6PTCSDemocrat from California answered…3wks

The United States ought to maintain participation in the transformation or adaptation of international order.

@9Z3CCP8Republican from Ohio answered…1mo

Yes, but only to promote human rights and dignity around the world.

@9YZT8R4Peace and Freedom from New York answered…1mo

The U.S. is the U.S. keep everything the same no changing anything.

@9YY75WQConstitution from New York answered…1mo

Take more of a leadership role, require the other nations to add more resources and scale ours back

@9YY55Z2Democrat from California answered…1mo

@9TXD3CYConstitution from Minnesota answered…8mos

No, we should instead commit to democratic alliances like NATO.

@9TX5JHJVeteran from Kansas answered…8mos

Yes, but we really need people in place that are empowered to stand up for liberty and American interests and the interests of our allies. There are other benefits to having a UN but we need to remember each nation is sovereign.

@9TW7T78Veteran from Illinois answered…8mos

@9TTGS8XGreen from California answered…8mos

@9TRWFNDConstitution from Utah answered…9mos

Yes, but every country needs to put Term limits on the Elected People, also They need to allow the Citizens elect the People instead of Governments Hand picking them.

@9T6VQNFWorking Family from Missouri answered…9mos

@9T46VH6Republican from Utah answered…10mos

@9T46V3BRepublican from Utah answered…10mos

@9K25CL5Women’s Equality from Minnesota answered…1yr

only if all nations are treated equal and not allowed to change rules.

@9JVX4LYConstitution from North Carolina answered…1yr

no, the UN wants to police and impose their values on the entire world

@9JQ8XZ5Women’s Equality from Oregon answered…1yr

Yes, as long as the UN has more "bite", such as with the China militarizing the South China Sea.

@9JMYCPGRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Yes, and we should try to increase our presence inside of it to prevent China from gaining any more power.

@9JDXJW2Republican from Florida answered…1yr

We should maintain our influence but the UN is basically useless and a drain on our resources. The other countries need to contribute more.

@9JB6D5FVeteran from Colorado answered…1yr

@9HVD5KVVeteran from Utah answered…1yr

Yes until it no longer preserves the rights and ideals we hold dear in our constitution.

@markisabellaAmerican Solidarity from Florida answered…1yr

Yes, move U.N. headquarters to Switzerland and reform the security council.

@9HS6HJTLibertarian from New York answered…1yr

@9HLTVWBWorking Familyfrom Guam  answered…1yr

No, and we should form a new U.N. with other free nations, free of Chinese influence and corruption

@9HBDTL7Republican from Florida answered…1yr

Stay and retain veto power, withdraw funding and make them leave the US

@9HB24HPRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Yes, but make sure our involvement is proportional to other nations

@SatironyIndependent from New York answered…1yr

Yes, but scale back how much money we contribute/make sure the other countries actually contribute and use the U.N. peacekeeping forces to protect our interests

@9H2FK48Working Family from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Yes, but make sure the other countries are giving there pay.

@9H2C9ZZWorking Family from Alabama answered…1yr

@9GYSR5JGreen from Washington answered…1yr

@9GXKXX8Libertarian from Texas answered…1yr


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