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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...11yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...11yrs

@4W97ZPKfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

We should push for an organization that only allows countries who respect human rights to have a say. Example: Why was Uganda under Idi Amin in the `70s and Lybia in 2003 allowed to have Najat al-Hajjaji in charge of the UN human rights commission? Like asking Hitler to oversee violations in a Concentration camp.

@4PR6WX8from Colorado  answered…2yrs

Calling the UN a "world government" is fallacious. It's more akin to an international negotiating table with a name and a permanent staff to keep it running. What we need is an actual world government. See you in 100 years.

@4QR5R98from Washington  answered…2yrs

No, and remove the U.N. entirely from existence. It is absolutely the biggest threat to our sovereignty as an independent nation and our freedom from a one world slavery system a.k.a. the NWO.

@4NY2GFKfrom Utah  answered…2yrs

What UN? The one that ignores the human rights violations of Saudi and the other Islamic terrorists factories? Why does it exist? Human Rights are not involved in the current agenda. If it exists it should function as it is funded. Currently it does not.

@8RB2K9DIndependent from New York agreed…2yrs

I agree, I support the concept, but we need to exile the nations that dont obey human rights laws that we made in the first place

@4QW6TX3from North Dakota  answered…2yrs

Donald Trump is correct. We need to renegotiate our affiliation with both the UN and NATO. If they cannot begin to provide funding for their own operations, then they need to go. The US has become their funding for anything they choose to do and America is fed up paying for their nonsense. We either need to have more control over what they choose to do or they need to get other countries to pay for it!

@4WCZBC2from California  answered…2yrs

Cut back U.S. funds for UN, move headquarters-- maybe France would want it-- and turn the building into a place for disabled homeless vets.

@4PWZRS4from Ohio  answered…2yrs

Yes, but the U.N. needs to be more cooperative and proactive with the U.S.

@598RBWDfrom Iowa  answered…2yrs

We should form a United Free Nations, that overseas the United Nations.

@4PMN9NSfrom Arizona  answered…2yrs

Only If They Agree To Declare War On ISIS And Give Support To Gods Holy Country Isreal

@4PL25HBfrom California  answered…2yrs

The feminists are taking over, if there were completely removed from the situation, then maybe I would support this.

@4NPKQ6Bfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

Yes, but if the headquarters is to remain in America then America should take lead roles. Open up a vote for Americans to place a seat like a speaker of house, but for U.N.

@4QDFKYNfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Yes only to veto the two state solution that's just the same thing as Hitler's final solution

@4Q6RT8Bfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

I agree with Trump and his decisions and determination on how to deal with United Nations. about time we're talking about this and we wouldn't be if he didn't bring it up.

@4QYFTP4from New Jersey  answered…2yrs

@4RW2XV7from Alaska  answered…2yrs

Yes! And we need to pay our fair share and we need to encourage the UN to restructure based on 21st Century Realities as well as no Permanent Members of Security Council

@4Q2G864from Nevada  answered…2yrs

If the UN continues to be anti-American, we should consider having the UN removed from American soil and reducing our financial support.

@4VRKWGDfrom Florida  answered…2yrs

The UN is a diseased group of nations, but it is better to have them close at least talks could happen instead of war. Make the member nations pay more. Make the UN be less Biased.

@4RBRSH9from California  answered…2yrs

@4QQ8F36from Georgia  answered…2yrs

The United Nations no longer is valid. Sad, but has become like gangs against each other.

@4Q9MPNGfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

The UN is a racist joke, if Israel is the only country with violations against women the US should condemn their claims.

@4RH3V5Gfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

The UN should be more active in fighting ISIS and other world conflicts.

@4PW7T3Ffrom Kansas  answered…2yrs

The UN seems to be a Muslim ran organization anymore and as such needs to be reorganized or disbanded. Move out of America and cut funding until reorganized. They myst not be allowed to pursue New World Order leanings.

@4RDCW6Gfrom Montana  answered…2yrs

The USA should obey INTERNATIONAL LAW. We can cooperate fully with the U.N. without losing our sovereignty. Lately the USA has been a rogue nation.

@4PNSJDJfrom Virginia  answered…2yrs

Yes, and membership fees should be scaled based on population and GDP. We would still pay the lion's share, but other nations contributions would increase.

@4Q343QLfrom Massachusetts  answered…2yrs

Yes but rotate the headquarters. Sick of paying the costs and lawbreaking done by some "diplomats" and their family members.

@4VWFJX6from Michigan  answered…2yrs

yes and move the UN HQ to Moscow, Russia so we can plant at least 500 additional spies over there:)

@4QPCRZXfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

Yes, we need our allies to back us up, and they need us. The very notion that we leave is so misinformed and stupid that I am borderline incapable of appreciating the irony in it.

@963WMKN from Indiana answered…1 day

@963SYG8 from Florida answered…2 days

Yes but one the condition that we take measures to ensure each nation contributes their fair share, so we are not the primary contributor to the organization.

@963PLV4 from New York answered…2 days

Yes, as long as every nation pays their required amount. US shouldn't foot the bill.

@962ZDWX from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

Unless the United Nations ends it’s impunity of human rights violators and can provide protection and justice to its victims, it’s useless.

@962F2KG from Michigan answered…3 days

@95ZK9F6 from North Carolina answered…4 days

@7BK2VZ6Republican from Wisconsin answered…4 days

No, and we should work to abolish or significantly reduce the influence of the U.N.

@95XVG7D from Texas answered…5 days

@95XTPSFfrom Virgin Islands  answered…5 days

@95XJPSBRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

Yes, the United States should be in the United Nations but our funding should be cut back until other countries start to pay their part in the UN.

@95XFHTZCommunist from North Carolina answered…6 days

Yes, but only if the United Nations is abolished and replaced with a more equitable organization.

@95VYTD8Peace and Freedom from California answered…1wk

Yes, but focus more funding towards peace and helping rather than for one’s own gain

@95VJSZF from Maryland answered…1wk

Yes, and more closely align US policy with the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

@95TGDVMSocialist from Kentucky answered…1wk

Yes, and remove all "veto powers" from every country that has them. no one country, whether the US or not, should be able to veto a proposal from an international summit


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