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@5XB92QLRepublicanfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

We should push for an organization that only allows countries who respect human rights to have a say. Example: Why was Uganda under Idi Amin in the `70s and Lybia in 2003 allowed to have Najat al-Hajjaji in charge of the UN human rights commission? Like asking Hitler to oversee violations in a Concentration camp.

@5QS7XY9Democratfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

Calling the UN a "world government" is fallacious. It's more akin to an international negotiating table with a name and a permanent staff to keep it running. What we need is an actual world government. See you in 100 years.

@5RS6SB9Libertarianfrom Washington  answered…2yrs

No, and remove the U.N. entirely from existence. It is absolutely the biggest threat to our sovereignty as an independent nation and our freedom from a one world slavery system a.k.a. the NWO.

@5PZ3HGLLibertarianfrom Utah  answered…2yrs

What UN? The one that ignores the human rights violations of Saudi and the other Islamic terrorists factories? Why does it exist? Human Rights are not involved in the current agenda. If it exists it should function as it is funded. Currently it does not.

@Alan-DjikkaityIndependent from New York agreed…1yr

I agree, I support the concept, but we need to exile the nations that dont obey human rights laws that we made in the first place

@5RX7VY4Republicanfrom North Dakota  answered…2yrs

Donald Trump is correct. We need to renegotiate our affiliation with both the UN and NATO. If they cannot begin to provide funding for their own operations, then they need to go. The US has become their funding for anything they choose to do and America is fed up paying for their nonsense. We either need to have more control over what they choose to do or they need to get other countries to pay for it!

@B4M3JM2Green from Florida answered…14hrs

@B47QR6RDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

Yes, but scale back our current involvement and use the U.N. peacekeeping forces to protect global interests instead of US troops.

@B3W99CHDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

We should stay in the UN and try to make it a more involved force on the global stage.

@Jason-AbdulbakiLibertarian from Iowa answered…1yr

Yes, but make it known that we do what's best for America no matter what!

@9SQ7K37Republican from Washington D.C. answered…1yr

No and only rejoin once China is kicked off the human rights council.

@9SPZX89Constitution from California answered…1yr

yes because it keeps us in the loop but I don't think we should be funding it

@9SHBRQFLibertarian from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, but it is a necessary thing to have for diplomacy, so it is likely that we will not leave it.

@9SC9BFZIndependent from New Jersey answered…1yr

Yes, but push for change in massive reforms to make the U.N. more effective.

@9S9V9VZDemocrat from New York answered…1yr

Yes, but acknowledge it’s imperfect and work to hold it more accountable for its missteps

@9S6VYQZVeteran from Florida answered…1yr

Yes, but contribute less money - let other countries pay their fair share.

@9S65ZDDVeteran from Texas answered…1yr

Make the un recognize white christian and gay genocides happening in the south africa and in middle east

@9RXDFKRTraditional Unionist Voice from Florida answered…1yr

Yes, and add Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Israel to the UN Security council. Also, move the UN headquarters to Washington D.C.

@9RX6JZJConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Yes, but only while we keep our premiant voting seat (The UN cannot enforce policies on the US, thus maintaining our freedom from it.)

@9RJBQ24Republican from Georgia answered…1yr

Yes, and we must hold all other nations to the same standard as us.

@9R3YN3NVeteran from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

@9MMVMVTVeteran from Idaho answered…2yrs

Yes, but all nations should contribute equally and not one over the other

@9MKQ895Veteran from California answered…2yrs

Yes but limit funds until the UN can't be influenced by CCP corruption.

@9M8TVC7Veteran from Virginia answered…2yrs

@9M3X33NDemocrat from Texas answered…2yrs

I think we should. It would make us keep our current allies.

@9LY6QT6Peace and Freedom from California answered…2yrs

Yes, but the U.N. needs to be heavily reformed as it assumes the same power balances of the time it was formed in still exist today.

@9LXJPCSConstitution from Ohio answered…2yrs

No, and the United States should reform NATO to serve as an opposing intergovernmental organization for the promulgation of American principles of classical republicanism.

@9LR2D6CProgressivefrom Guam  answered…2yrs

yes we are part of this world and it's happenings affect us.

@9LLDZ25Constitution from Minnesota answered…2yrs

Yes unless all the other countries pay up and pay their parking tickets

@9LKPRB9Green from Nebraska answered…2yrs

I feel like we should but, there is an groaning issue almost every year with a new constant threat in a certain country that violate human rights and the UN isn’t really helpful at their strengths that they have it’s really just for the elite and their interest alongside with more dominant countries.

@9LK7QYMWorking Family from Georgia answered…2yrs

@9LBGS7SLibertarian from Minnesota answered…2yrs

Yes, but scale back our involvement in peacekeeping missions.

@9KXSTW7Peace and Freedom from Florida answered…2yrs

The U.S. should not remain in the U.N. for because we should not be fighting other people's battles.

@Anthony-CottoTranshumanist from Oklahoma answered…2yrs

Yes, However the U.N. much like the League of Nation's before it is really just a place for countries with no power and blowhards go to air there grievances which are promptly ignored. As an institution it can at times foster some cooperation, but due to geography, culture, and desire humanity will remain divided for the foreseeable future.

@9KCHC5FIndependent from Utah answered…2yrs

Yes, and every member should have to contribute the same percentage of their GDP to be a member.

@9KCBBP2Green from Maryland answered…2yrs

yes, but scale back U.S. involvement to be financially comparable/ equal as other members

@9KBHX67Republican from Georgia answered…2yrs

Yes but decrease funding if our interests are not protected

@9KBGBN5Democrat from Tennessee answered…2yrs

Yes, the United States should encourage global leadership through the U.N.

@9K59BSSLibertarian from Florida answered…2yrs

@9K25CL5Women’s Equality from Minnesota answered…2yrs

only if all nations are treated equal and not allowed to change rules.

@9JVX4LYConstitution from North Carolina answered…2yrs

no, the UN wants to police and impose their values on the entire world

@9JQ8XZ5Women’s Equality from Oregon answered…2yrs

Yes, as long as the UN has more "bite", such as with the China militarizing the South China Sea.


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