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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@8Q3YPW7Reform from Hawaii answered…2yrs

Yes, but only on the condition that the other member states are required to maintain their budget quotas and armament preparation. The United States should no longer be the primary armer and cash cow for the alliance.

@8HR8JJFLibertarian from Iowa answered…2yrs

Yes, but the United States should not be responsible for funding 50% or more of NATO's operating budget.

@963WMKN from Indiana answered…1 day

@963M7YL from California answered…2 days

@95ZCH2Y from Iowa answered…4 days

As long as the U.S. isn't putting a disproportionate amount of money and resources in.

@95YB2MZRepublican from Arkansas answered…4 days

yes, but make the other countries increase their financial contributions.

@95XVG7D from Texas answered…5 days

Yes, but continue to emphasize the importance of every member country paying their fair share.

@95XRXDX from West Virginia answered…5 days

No, but have a new alliance between Western nations be crafted instead with a new purpose of protecting the West rather than "spreading democracy" and antagonizing states like Russia.

@95VYTD8Peace and Freedom from California answered…1wk

No, having prejudices towards other countries and beliefs does not solve problems rather they make them worse

@95TGTBVProgressive from New York answered…1wk

Yes, but we should scale back our involvement militarily and financially

@95TDLTQ from Indiana answered…1wk

@95T874Q from Kentucky answered…1wk

@95SMFZX from Colorado answered…1wk

We should abolish our armed forces and encourage others to do the same.

@95RM6J6 from Washington answered…1wk

Yes, while also giving consideration to counter-terrorism strategies as the scope of NATO is rapidly evolving in the wake of the Russo-Ukraini conflict of 2022

@95RJC6N from South Carolina answered…1wk

No, it reminds me too much of the lead-up to WW1 and that kinda creeps me out

@95P6BCX from North Carolina answered…2wks

@95P5PVC from Alabama answered…2wks

@95NVWYT from New Jersey answered…2wks

@95MD3YX from Washington answered…2wks

Yes, and NATO should be expanded to include non-European countries

@95L2WDP from Nebraska answered…2wks

Yes, but decrease NATO funding and make the rest of the countries spend an equal amount.

@95KSH3D from California answered…2wks

@95KQW97 from Kentucky answered…2wks

The US is the only country who contributes, it’s a liability to stay in it

@95J7KWV from Kentucky answered…2wks

Yes, provided that the other member nations commit to proportionate financial contribution.

@95J4PR4Republican from Illinois answered…2wks

@95H4V8Z from California answered…2wks

Only if NATO remains a military organization not a political and economic alliance

@95FPGZKIndependent from California answered…3wks

Yes, and we should do whatever means to counter Communist influences

@95F95CK from Arizona answered…3wks

Yes, but all countries must increase their financial contributions

@95D5PFG from Virginia answered…3wks

@95CDGGH from New Jersey answered…3wks

Yes, but other NATO members should increase funding for their militaries so they can protect themselves better.

@95BWWPKDemocrat from California answered…3wks

@95B7Y3P from Texas answered…3wks

@9594T6R from Texas answered…3wks

Yes-reduce our costs and withholding any payment until every member is paid in full and paying more proportionally

@9583QGJLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

@957WH38 from Florida answered…3wks

Yes, but other countries must pay their fair share or face annihilation by communists.

@956G4DH from Texas answered…3wks

Yes, but leave when potential threats to the west, such as China and Russia, are no longer an issue.

@9572BM5 from Michigan answered…4wks

yes, because it's beneficial to everyone who's in it and it promotes peace

@95429Q6Republican from New York answered…4wks

@952N76Q from Florida answered…4wks

@952MLSF from Florida answered…4wks

Yes, but the U.S. should reduce the amount of money it contributes to the alliance and we should scale back our current involvement until other countries increase and meet their financial contributions.


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