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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Lower the income tax rate and remove all existing tax loopholes for large corporations

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Abolish the income tax, disallow all deductions and increase the sales tax

@8C5GN89 from Texas answered…2yrs

Remove loopholes for the rich and ensure they are unable to use tax shelters.

@922FNM5 from Kentucky agreed…6mos

The rich should have to pay more taxes due to them making more money.

@8J3FG9MIndependent from Kansas answered…2yrs

Simplified tax rates, fewer deductions. Low tax rates overall but the wealthy should not be able to avoid paying a higher percentage than the middle class.

@963SXGT from California answered…4hrs

Los no deben decriminar alos pobres si tienen sus negocios deben darles trabajo para que el gobierno no es cobre mas impuestos y estos puedan mantenerse asi mismos.

@963PCJQ from Washington answered…8hrs

@963NYBQ from Maine answered…8hrs

Taxes should reflect the income of the household, the same percentage for each household.

@963NTX2 from Indiana answered…9hrs

@963N4K4 from South Carolina answered…9hrs

 @The-Progressive-… from Kentucky answered…10hrs

Yes, also disallow all deductions, eliminate loopholes, implement a wealth tax, implement a luxury goods tax, implement a mansion tax, issue unexplained wealth orders, and abolish the sales tax

@963KFLR from Pennsylvania answered…10hrs

I thin everyone sould have to pay the same tax then everyone els if your poor or welthly i think everyone sould get same on whatever they tax you ON

@963K49G from New Jersey answered…10hrs

@963FWXYDemocrat from Indiana answered…12hrs

@963D2N4 from Pennsylvania answered…13hrs

@9639MZ2 from West Virginia answered…14hrs

Raise the taxes for people who have too much money that they know what to do with it.

@96392KK from Illinois answered…14hrs

If making a big enough amount a little bigger percentage rate should be taken out for taxes

@96388T6 from Virginia answered…14hrs

taxes should be more for the rich but a monitored and respectable amount, it is unfair to take away more money from them just because they may work harder

@96362KQ from New York answered…16hrs

@9635RSV from Maine answered…16hrs

i believe that taxes should be raised a small amount but the income level should be higher than it is now before they are considered rich

@962XFJS from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

@962R5VF from Tennessee answered…1 day

@962P2RV from Minnesota answered…1 day

@962MRVC from Virginia answered…1 day

I don't think people who have more money should be punished in taxes but more of likely what house they buy how they handle electrical bills, water bills, ETC. I am saying that it really depends what stuff they buy that cost in taxes too.

@962MJD5Socialist from California answered…1 day

My view on raising the taxes on the rich would be that these big corporations will find a way to evade taxes through offshoring of profits, accelerated depreciation and tax credits. Raising the taxes will increase the revenue of the government but I feel like it won't really do anything to improve our economy.

@962LLSYRepublican from Virginia answered…1 day

I don't want to take away from people and what they have worked hard for but it also is not a fair system.

@962LDQ4 from Arizona answered…1 day

I believe to a point yes we should charge the people who make more a higher percentage of tax however we should lower taxes for those in lower class areas

@962L7KG from Florida answered…1 day

Lower taxes for the poor and remove existing tax loopholes for large corporations.

@962KSMV from Utah answered…1 day

There are many rich people a the most of us wish to be rich. Taxes are one of the most annoying things ever. Taxes are getting raised and a lot of people are going under and drowning in the a deep dark depths of the sea. We should raise some on the riches.

@962GWB2 from Nebraska answered…2 days

only poor people want that until they are rich then they will be upset so idc

@962GB92Republican from Alabama answered…2 days

I think it should be set to an amount that family or person can afford


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