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@9YNXQV4Veteran from California answered…3 days

Yes, but eliminate tax loopholes and create a more simplified tax code

@9YP5DG2Democrat from Wisconsin answered…2 days

@9YP2LVDWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…2 days

Yes, raise taxes on anyone making over 5 million dollars a year

@9YK34ZQSocialist from Kentucky answered…2wks

@9YJ9TN5Transhumanist from Illinois answered…2wks

@9YJ6NR3Democrat from Washington answered…2wks

Either increase the tax put on the rich or lower the tax for the poor.

@9YDQ736Women’s Equality from Florida answered…2wks

No, reduce the income tax and proportionally add other taxes, such as a carbon tax and a pollution tax.

@9YD55BNGreen from Arizona answered…3wks

If poor people who barely have money have to pay taxes then the rich can too

@9YCXFXBWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…3wks

Keep income tax the same but remove all loopholes that allow for less or no taxes.

@9YCQVTPConstitution from Virginia answered…3wks

@9YCBVXBDemocrat from Texas answered…3wks

@9YC9PJ6Constitution from Michigan answered…3wks

No more income taxes. Peoples' property, including their salaries, should NOT be taxed.

@9YBQV6RDemocrat from North Carolina answered…3wks

@9YBHWCZWorking Family from Kentucky answered…3wks

yes but no I think the states should tax completely differently all together

@9YBBD7MRepublican from California answered…3wks

No, I think there should be more opprotunites for deductions and tax cuts, such as through donations and provideing for other social programs.

@9YB8GP8Women’s Equality from New York answered…3wks

No, but they should tax larger monopolies and not allow tax-breaks for companies that do not provide public works programs

@9YB3QRSRepublican from Kansas answered…3wks

it depends on the person but also i see it as if theres gose up why cant the pepole with lower income have lower taxs

@9Y9ZP68Democrat from Georgia answered…3wks

Yes, because people that are lower class could need that and need food and things that are very high priced now a days.

@9Y9XB4VConstitution from North Carolina answered…3wks

no because those people earned the money that they have i dont think they should be punished for it

@9Y9SCM6Women’s Equality from North Carolina answered…3wks

Yes, and they should enforce taxes within the more wealthy individuals, and corporations equally to the way they do to the lower income individuals

@9Y99M37Independent from West Virginia answered…3wks

Yes, but only after they cut significant amounts of wasteful and foreign aid spending.

@9Y8DSTFWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…3wks

@9Y89YZKConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

no, they worked for there money no need to punish them for being successful

@9Y84RFKGreen from Illinois answered…3wks

Income tax should be the only federal tax with all income, realized or not, being taxed at the same rate. No deductions, no loopholes

@9Y7GBDWDemocrat from Virginia answered…3wks

I feel they should only add it on the very rich not the people in the middle.

@9Y79N77Peace and Freedom from Virginia answered…3wks

no, but keep taxes fair and remove the ability for rich people to hide their money from taxation

@9Y6M3VPTranshumanist from Indiana answered…4wks

@9Y65Q3RRepublican from California answered…4wks

@9Y5MNXSTranshumanist from New York answered…4wks

Tax the super rich, or just reform the allocation of government funds (ex: less money to military)

@9Y5J7BJSocialist from Hawaii answered…4wks

Tax the extremely wealthy more and remove loopholes for large corps and the wealthy.

@9Y4XRKXVeteran from North Carolina answered…4wks

No we all should have to pay the same amount of taxes but if they wanted to they could lower them for the poor

@9Y4W35HLibertarian from Georgia answered…4wks

@9Y4JZZPIndependent from South Carolina answered…4wks

@9Y46T2XRepublican from West Virginia answered…4wks

@9Y3XY3PDemocrat from Missouri answered…4wks

Yes, If one person has to contribute then everyone has to contribute even if, for the poor, it's something. Even if the rich have found a way to not pay any income tax, they should then have to pay some sort of wealth tax. The concept should be that everyone should have to pay for the services that are being provided.

@9Y3MWGRPeace and Freedom from Arkansas answered…4wks

@9Y3FQG5Democrat from Georgia answered…4wks

Yes, raise taxes for the 1% and force them to pay their fair share.


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