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@B4KZ7SXTranshumanist from Georgia answered…2hrs

Keep the current tax rates, but eliminate all deductions and tax loopholes for large corporations

@B4KT7QSIndependent from Minnesota answered…8hrs

No, abolish income tax, increase sales tax except on fresh produce if possible, close some of the pesky tax loopholes for large corporations.

@B4KN629Independent from West Virginia answered…22hrs

Not entirely sure, but I think tax laws should be fair for everyone, whether they are upper class, middle class, and lower class

@B4KJWHFConstitution from California answered…1 day

No, and the rate at which the rich are taxed should be lowered because the government has no right to their money

@B4K8LJQLibertarian from New Jersey answered…2 days

@B4K4WSXDemocrat from South Carolina answered…2 days

They should raise taxes on the rich of the absolute 1%. Remove all existing loopholes for large corporations.

@B4K4FVZLibertarian from Missouri answered…2 days

Remove income tax for the working class; only tax businesses and remove their tax exceptions.

@B4JYTDJWomen’s Equality from New Mexico answered…2 days

@B4JPJCLTranshumanist from Georgia answered…3 days

Yes, if it is paired with a decrease in spending to eliminate the deficit. Simplify the tax code to make compliance easier than avoidance. Fully fund the IRS to enforce the tax code.

@bazellaPeace and Freedom from Arizona answered…4 days

Tax the rich and remove tax loopholes for large incorporations

@B4JG7WYWorking Family from Texas answered…4 days

We should raise taxes on the rich slightly. We should adopt a federal sales tax like certain states that do not have state income tax. this will allow for federal income tax to be lowered for lower income and the middle class

@B4JDFS4Transhumanist from Massachusetts answered…4 days

The government should abolish tax-exempt status for religions and other large organizations and use taxes collected from these groups to provide aid to the poor.

@B4HTRGQGreen from Wisconsin answered…6 days

@B4HM9RGVeteran from Virginia answered…1wk

Remove all income tax and go over to a Federal Sales Tax. Also enable governments to have a saving for when taxes fall but constrain it so it never grows above 50% of the previous 5 year average tax income.

@B4H8RRQIndependent from Tennessee answered…1wk

@B4H56HYDemocrat from California answered…1wk

Yes but only through the addition of higher brackets and ending inheritance and donation loopholes,

@B4H4RDZDemocrat from Michigan answered…1wk

No, but close all existing tax loopholes and lower taxes for lower brackets

@B4GZ3K6Working Family from Oregon answered…1wk

No, spend time fixing loopholes that allow the rich to pay little to no taxes

@Daniel-Barton-Je…Libertarian from New York answered…1wk

Depends on how much The Rich is paying taxes & especially but mainly how much The Government is spending all the money coming their way and all the money they have automatic access to.

@B4FYMMKSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

Both raise taxes on the wealthy and remove tax loopholes for corporations

@FlashFlyingFish<…Democratfrom Ohio  answered…2wks

Yes, and remove all existing tax loop holes for large corporations

@B4CKNXRSocialistfrom Virgin Islands  answered…3wks

Yes and provide a net worth based tax to ensure no person has excessive money based influence.

@B4C9X3VRepublican from California answered…3wks

Abolish taxes in general, just put taxes on people who want enter the country and live here, and want to invest illegally buy up real estate without local people approval.

@B4BKZQ8Republicanfrom Maine  answered…3wks

lower taxes on the rich and raise taxes on everyone else. Everyone should pay the same amount. Not the same percentage of their income. Everyone should pay the exact same number of dollars

@B45V7GLConstitution from Kansas answered…1mo

No, expand the bracket structure to enable a wider tax progression

@B45C97HPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Yes, and have tax rates be proportional to the income that is produced, as well as remove tax loopholes for large corporations and businesses

@B458B5QDemocrat from Florida answered…1mo

@B44J4B5Libertarian from Texas answered…1mo

Abolish the Federal income tax, and remove all tax exemptions, deductions, loopholes, etc from the tax code.

@B42WM5DTranshumanist from California answered…1mo

Lower the taxes on the poor to provide opportunities to have financial stability to eventually achieve financial freedom, and raise taxes on the rich.

@B4259SNConstitution from Connecticut answered…1mo

Flat tax but with deductions and robust tax credits that phase out as you move up the income ladder

@B3ZZ82XVeteran from Georgia answered…1mo

@B3YY2K7Veteran from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Close loopholes and lower tax or just have a sales tax but not raise it too much.

@B3YXH8XDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

No, but every citizen of voting age should have to pay the same percentage of income, no loopholes.

@B3YRXFCTranshumanist from Ohio answered…1mo

Reform taxes do the rates are the same and they can rig there income

@B3XWZ7NConstitution from New Jersey answered…1mo

it depends on how wealthy they are but not much more than normal because that is the money they produce.

@B3XPZ6DConstitution from Georgia answered…1mo

@9N8K743Women’s Equality from Ohio answered…2yrs

@9N885W5Green from Utah answered…2yrs

Abolish pre-tax deductions which allows people to shelter their income without paying taxes, and tax brackets creating a flat income tax for all

@9N872CVDemocrat from Michigan answered…2yrs

Taxes should be no less for the rich than any income level.

@Imani-MurryLibertarian from North Dakota answered…2yrs

The government shouldn't be so large and providing so many services that it necessitates mandatory taxes at all.

@9N7NKYFDemocrat from Florida answered…2yrs

Yes, but lower income tax on middle class and remove all existing tax loopholes for large corporations


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