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@8TJKDF4 from Virginia commented…1yr

This isn’t accurate at all - Most firearms have never been used ( and never will be used) to kill.

@8Q5X9NCRepublican  from Florida disagreed…2yrs

No they aren't. In bad cases yes, but they are a method of self protection. See if you keep the same opinion when you get mugged or when someone is breaking into your house.

@942JMM2Democrat from Indiana commented…2wks

Thats why we have a police force

@945G4NTRepublican  from Kansas commented…2 days

Are the police with you in your home when someone breaks in? Is there normally a police officer walking with you down a dark street? No.

A firearm is a tool that allows individuals to assert a human right to protect their life, those of their loved ones, and those of strangers if they so choose.

Police forces are great assets when they can get to a scene of an emergency in time. However, there are many instances crimes unfold before a call to 911 can even be placed. Such as, after someone is hurt, after a home invasion, after an armed robbery, etc. That's no shade toward law enforcement. It's…  Read more

@8YHDKJY from Texas commented…7mos

This is blatantly untrue. Just like millions of Americans, i myself have used a gun for self protection without firing a single shot. Its a deterrent but yes its true that if you own a gun for self defense you cant be scared to use it if needed. And yes sometimes to save your own like you must take the life of someone else even when you don't want to.


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