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@6LHJR2KRepublicanfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

Chicago has very strict gun laws and yet the highest gun related crimes...criminals do not care about cannot pass a law that will stop a criminal from obtaining a weapon if he really wants one

@5XWBR3DDemocratfrom Oregon  answered…2yrs

guns don't kill people it's the crazy unstable people, the uneducated people.

@64LXCHZRepublicanfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

Stay out of this. Guns are only a method to kill. People are messed up. Start at home with good role models.

@9VKLFG5Constitution from Virginia commented…12mos

No, and the government should pass a national “stand your ground” law

This isn’t accurate at all - Most firearms have never been used ( and never will be used) to kill.

@9R6YBPDRepublican  from Florida disagreed…1yr

No they aren't. In bad cases yes, but they are a method of self protection. See if you keep the same opinion when you get mugged or when someone is breaking into your house.

@9ZJFLKZVeteran from Texas commented…5mos

This is blatantly untrue. Just like millions of Americans, i myself have used a gun for self protection without firing a single shot. Its a deterrent but yes its true that if you own a gun for self defense you cant be scared to use it if needed. And yes sometimes to save your own like you must take the life of someone else even when you don't want to.

@5TJ8676Republicanfrom Utah  answered…2yrs

I believe there are over 2000 gun laws already on the books. Maybe we could enforce those before passing new ones. Come on, people! Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

@Aaron-PurdyRepublican from Texas commented…2yrs


all I'm gonna say is the first thing Hitler did was ban all guns to make citizens defenseless

@Mackenzie-Kauric…Peace and Freedom from Texas commented…9mos

Yeah, and Hitler declared any news that didn't support him as "fake news". Good thing we didn't have a president who declared everything that didn't support as "fake news". Oh, wait...

@6J48RN6Socialistfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

You know what we should totally do? Let's say you take the class, clear a background check, then go to a gun dealer. The gun dealer can check your background check again, then help you choose the right gun for you. Here's the clincher: You have guns that will only work for you. Like using your fingerprint. (This is my husband's idea and I LOVE it! They have safes that work this way, why not find a way to apply it to firearms?!). Anyways, if someone steals your gun, they cannot use it because their fingerprints are different. Then it's just a glorified paper weight.

@Aaron-PurdyRepublican from Texas commented…2yrs


this would make guns way too expensive and would not allow the common citizen to own one

 @sophmiller2004Socialist from Ohio commented…4mos

Yes, require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training

That’s the point😌 guns are super harmful to people.

@9R2M2XCVeteran from Colorado disagreed…1yr


scenario 1: If i was a criminal, i'd just get a screwdriver, open the gun and rip out all of the electronics.

scenario 2: Gma who hasnt touched her gun in years, has her home broken into, and cant use her gun, because she forgot to change out the old batteries.

@9R6YBPDRepublican from Florida disagreed…1yr

I like the Judge Dredd idea, however this would make firearms way too expensive for a common citizen. Plus if the fingerprint ID were to malfunction, that half second of reaction time you get to defuse the situation could end up in your death.

@9VKLFG5Constitution from Virginia commented…12mos

No, and the government should pass a national “stand your ground” law

This makes it sound like the only way a person could reasonably use a firearm is in self defense, but what about recreational shooting or hunting? It’s certainly the case that many shooters enjoy trying a friends new firearm. I can also see many scenarios where new shooters need to share a firearm with a more experienced shooter - that could imply that kids learning to hunt turkeys with grandpa would have to submit fingerprints to the government before being able to participate.

 @sophmiller2004Socialist from Ohio commented…4mos

Yes, require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training

What about the thousands of people who died due to gun violence in schools and in their regular lives? Shooting animals and going hunting is also very harmful for the animals too. There are also more fun activities besides hunting that kids can do with their grandparents.

@5ZK7XSPfrom California  answered…2yrs

Guns will be included with each school lunch as part of the "happy meal" concept.

@65XY3VTRepublicanfrom Virginia  answered…2yrs

I firmly believe disarming American citizens makes them helpless in too many situations. For example, Thieves, Robbers, Murderers and MOST of all, a ROGUE GOVERNMENT. WITH THIS, I ALSO believe we DO need stricter background checks and, only if needed, psychological testing and Training for those first time gun owners for proper and safe handling. Taking guns away from good citizens is illegal, according to our CONSTITUTION. LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

@5R8SH7MDemocratfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

do whatever Australia did after their first and only mass shooting.

@9VKLFG5Constitution from Virginia commented…12mos

No, and the government should pass a national “stand your ground” law

Criminals will still get their hands on weapons, and Law abiding Americans won’t have the ability to protect themselves.

not to mention gun crime in Australia hasn’t disappeared, even after the mandatory buybacks.

@B4KW23KDemocrat from Missouri answered…6hrs

Yes but it is not going to stop anything really. It's not hard to get guns illegally.

@B4KTNT6Veteran from Illinois answered…8hrs

Yes, require thorough background checks looking also for mental issues on social media on first time gun purchasers even if this requires months to process. Don't allow semi automatics for ages 25 and under. Require all gun transfers to be done through an FFL and concurrent background checking.

@B4KS59RIndependent from Washington answered…10hrs

No, but establish a national background check system and properly enforce current laws.

@B4KQS3MRepublican from Massachusetts answered…13hrs

Assault weapons should not be banned but the state governments have the authority to require checks and tests before purchasing a assault weapon

@B4K79PCLibertarian from Florida answered…2 days

Remove all government infringement in purchasing firearms and in what firearms a citizen may purchase

@B4J6Z3YTranshumanist from Kentucky answered…5 days

Raise age to 21 and background checks with high school discipline record

@B4HM9RGVeteran from Virginia answered…1wk

Background checks for all gun purchases. Required firearm training with refresher course every 5 years. Require psycholgogist and psychiatrist to report people at risk

@B4BXLZ6Transhumanist from Texas answered…3wks

Yes, require strict background checks and allow people to shoot rioters

@B4BBPD3Constitution from Virginia answered…3wks

No, only for criminals and mentally ill. Also increase penalties for gun related crimes

@B4B6R2RConstitution from Idaho answered…3wks

No, all 50 states should pass concealed carry without a license and but restrict gun ownership for persons involved in domestic disputes, mentally ill individuals and Felons

@B47ZP5GVeteran from Illinois answered…1mo

I believe people should be able to have guns, we should just make sure they should be able to do it right, like mental health checks and background checks

@B47QR6RDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

Yes, we should close the gun show loophole, require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training, as well as ban all assault weapons.

@B47FDVNConstitution from Georgia answered…1mo

No, there should be no regulations on firearms. "Shall not be infringed"

@B38CWZ2Independent from Texas answered…3mos

I do not believe the government has the right to control anything.

@B37M6FKWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…3mos

Leave the law the way it is with the current protections in place

@B37D4R2Women’s Equality from Colorado answered…3mos

there should be more training given to those who posses guns

@B37CX94Constitution from North Dakota answered…3mos

Yes, but only for people who don't have a felony and have a license.

@B36VTMXConstitution from Kansas answered…3mos

No, but more in-depth background checks. if a criminal wants a gun they will find a way to get one

@B366HSXConstitution from North Carolina answered…3mos

personally I feel most gun laws are unconstitutional and and are a serious over reach but there needs to be some regulation.

@B35ZQVQWomen’s Equality from South Dakota answered…3mos

People need to know how to properly use a gun before they can buy one or handle one. If you don't have a purpose for a gun then you don't need one. And you need to show they proof that you may need the gun for.

@B35VTK5Constitution from Michigan answered…3mos

@B2QRPPRWomen’s Equality from Colorado answered…3mos

Need to enforce the laws we have first. Criminals and those not mentally capable should not own guns. require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training.

@B2QMYX2Transhumanist from Virginia answered…3mos

Close the gun show loophole AND more in depth background/mental checking

@B2Q634FTranshumanist from Oregon answered…3mos

they need to update their traning for the public if someone does have interest in a gun that they will be completely reponsible for it and know right from worng and when to use it and when to not use it

@B2PSDTKWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…3mos

Yes, it should require a public ID and a more intensove background search.

@B2NYJWPConstitution from Michigan answered…4mos


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