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@Connor-BonhamPeace and Freedom from North Carolina commented…1yr

They should have a say, but not the final say, they aren't the one giving birth, or being pregnant.

@9PZS74TDemocrat from Florida disagreed…2yrs

There is no evidence showing that the woman has her mental wellness affected from an abortion. Who is going to pay for all of that? The main reason why a woman gets an abortion is because she is financially unstable and cannot afford to care for a child. Sure, it would be nice for a man to have the chance, but the amount of stigma around pregnancy. A abortion is for a woman not a man. A woman's body is more affected by the outcome, and if the man wanted the child then most likely she would not be having an abortion. Plus, how are you suppose to enforce that? Is the clinic suppose to do a hous…  Read more

@9TYJCZVRepublican from Florida disagreed…1yr

The main reason why a woman gets an abortion is because she is financially unstable and cannot afford to care for a child.

I disagree with this, because why would a woman get pregnant, but be financially unstable. If this is the case, then why did she even decide to get pregnant if she could not afford to care for the child. Remember this was her choice to get pregnant.

@iluvb00bsGreen from Florida commented…12mos

not always the choice to get pregnant

@Christian-RamosDemocrat from Virginia agreed…5mos

While it usually would be the mother's choice, I do understand that there are cases where the mother didn't have a say in this or was misinformed. I disagree with abortions because I believe mothers should be held accountable for their choices and that abortions got in the way of that, but in cases where there is no accountability and the mother did this against her will, I do want to keep abortion as a thing because I believe that a woman should have a say in stuff like this, but to ensure she will commit to these responsibilities before doing the act. To infringe on that freedom is unacceptable and will be corrected.

@B2G7YN5Women’s Equality from Washington commented…4mos

Then it's also her choice to get an abortion. Plus sometimes she never asked for one so why get one.

@9ZPR8Y2Democrat from Utah commented…5mos

Broke people have s** too and not everyone has access to birth control.

@9ZJBX76Progressive from Tennessee commented…5mos

It's not always a womans choice to get pregnant. And also, why do people buy drugs, electronics, and other things when they are financially unstable? Abortions should be normal healthcare, financially unstable or not.

@Christian-RamosDemocrat from Virginia corrected…5mos

There is no evidence showing that the woman has her mental wellness affected from an abortion.

Counseling is not just to guide someone whose mental wellness. There are Counselors trained for all kinds of things. A counselor dealing with abortion will probably ask the client why they want the abortion and will work with them to see if either getting an abortion is justified, or if there are programs that can suit the mother's needs.

@Lillyana-Solorza…  from Kansas disagreed…2yrs

I feel he should have an equal say in the decision

The man in the relationship can something but the woman doesn't have to listen. The embryo is growing in her not him. The man has no say so in what the woman does with her body. If she decides she doesn't want to carry the embryo that is her personal choice. You cannot tell a woman what to do with her body, you can suggest something, but don't tell her she needs to do this and that.

@Jaylee-Gray from Kentucky commented…3mos

It takes two people to have a baby, so I personally believe that the parents should agree on the decision to abort the baby or not. Both opinions should be taken into consideration and talked about between the parents on what is best to do for them personally.

@9TLLJTCSocialist from Oregon commented…1yr

  1. The person who is carrying the fetus in their body should have a say. Unless the father is the one carrying the fetus, or unless the baby was born prematurely and is not in someone's body, then the mother, who is carring the fetus inside her body, should be the one to choose. Otherwise, the father would be effectively forcing someone to give birth, which is cruel and unusual, and sexist to boot. Men should have no say over the body of a pregnant person, regardless of if that man is the one who caused the pregnancy.
  2. Counseling should be available, but not required. Otherwise, we would be effectively forcing women to spend time doing something they don't want to do, once again violating their freedom and bodily autonomy

 @9S8R256Peace and Freedom from California commented…1yr

but the man isn't having the baby. maybe the woman is having the abortion because she doesn't want to give birth or deal with the pregnancy. if a man really wants a baby he can adopt or have a woman be a vessel for a baby (there is a job title for this but I forgot what its called, sorry ) overall its the WOMAN´S choice alone what she wants to do with HER body.

@9S97H3DRepublican from Michigan commented…1yr

96% of biologists and Princeton disagree.

@9S97H3DRepublican from Michigan commented…1yr

@9YCLBKPVeteran from Virginia commented…8mos

Well, is his body going throw the hellish experience of having and carrying a child? I don't think so. I understand the man should have some say but overall women should make the overall decision.

@9TYJCZVRepublican from Florida disagreed…1yr

I believe Men should have a say in the decision of the termination of their unborn child.

I disagree, although yes, the father should have a say in the decision. But the mother should also have a say in this, because she is the one who went through the pain to be pregnant, the father should not be the only one to make this decision. On the other hand if the mother is not fit to be a parent, then yes the father can make the decision, but only with legal consultation.

@B2G7YN5Women’s Equality from Washington disagreed…4mos

All of this was about the man but how about the woman in this? The woman is the one birthing the child and as you know having a child is hard, having to birth it and rise it. He might be willing to and be able to but what if it's in an abuse situation? or Rape? Incest? etc. Not to mention what if she doesn't want to and is not ready, or culture might come along too. There are so many different aspects in things being that the woman should be the one making the decision not the man because he isn't the one birthing the child.


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