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@93QNXYQ from Missouri commented…1mo

the idea that its okay to be having unprotected sex when you cannot financially afford a child is so irresponsible and so ignorant that the only answer is DONT HAVE SEX until you are mature enough to do it responsibly. Sex for young girls at ages under 18 shouldnt be considered a right. If a girl has not even finished high school when shes having sex then she needs to understand that she either is going to have a difficult time financially caring for a baby, or that shes going to have to put it up for adoption. She is ill prepared to make those chouces herself. Again...thats not a vood enough reason to have an abortion.

@8VC2Q88Democrat from Virginia agreed…6mos

While it usually would be the mother's choice, I do understand that there are cases where the mother didn't have a say in this or was misinformed. I disagree with abortions because I believe mothers should be held accountable for their choices and that abortions got in the way of that, but in cases where there is no accountability and the mother did this against her will, I do want to keep abortion as a thing because I believe that a woman should have a say in stuff like this, but to ensure she will commit to these responsibilities before doing the act. To infringe on that freedom is unacceptable and will be corrected.


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