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“I am Pro-life. Individuals should be held personally responsible for the life and support of children they bring into this world through their decision to have sex, even those unborn. Birth control should be made more easily accessible, by removing restrictions placed by the government, so that those who do not wish to become responsible for child can easily avoid that responsibility. In cases of Rape, the rapist should be placed into a state of servitude (as permitted by the states under the 13th amendment as a punishment for crimes) to provide for the child until that child has reached 26 years of age. The crime of rape is not undone by killing an unborn child, and ~26 years of slavery is not an inappropriate punishment for a crime as severe as rape, especially when the victim must live with that criminal's actions for the rest of her life - child or not.”

From a Libertarian in Richmond, VA
In reponse to: What is your stance on abortion?

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