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“Require a secure photo ID (CITIZEN; VISITOR)for every person in the US for over thirty days each year. This should be renewable for citizens every five years AND w/each change of address, renewable during the month of birth of the individual. This should be renewable for non-citizens every year AND w/each change of address, renewable during the month of birth of the individual; and any visitor without an ID should be deported; Each "VISITOR" ID. should have an expiration date and contain blocks to designate authorization for purpose of non-citizen being here: resident, student, worker. Since all US citizens are already in a multitude of private and government computers anyway, I see no reason to not have a national ID requirement-- only criminals have a reason to not want have a photo/security ID. All citizen voter ID's should be taxpayer paid so cost is NOT an issue and arrangements made for the disabled to get the needed ID w/caregivers having obligation to ensure they do. This national citizen's ID should be required and accepted for every interaction with local, state and federal governments, specifically including attending public schools and receiving any kind of public benefit$.”

From a Democrat in Toccoa, GA
In reponse to: Should working illegal immigrants be given temporary amnesty?

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