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“Yes, if they were born here. Parents of minor children should be granted temporary status. When the minor turns 18, they may then sponsor their parents for citizenship. Any person that can prove they were living in the United States prior to the last amnesty, can also apply for citizenship if they have not done so. Any immigrant here illegally after the last amnesty, with the exception of those who are here with minors that were born here should be deported and be allowed to apply legally to come here with no penalty for having been here illegally after being deported. Illegal immigrants who have no criminal background could be given the option to serve in the military for 4 years or be deported. Those who are in college and paying their own way should be given permission to stay to finish their education and when they have earned their degree, may also apply for citizenship by presenting their degree from an accredited college. Special permits should be issued to accommodate these special circumstances.”

From a Republican in Tucson, AZ
In reponse to: Should children of illegal immigrants be granted legal citizenship?

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