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“People who enter America illegally do not deserve citizenship, without proving their desire to become legal residents, and only if they maintain a legal presence in America. Any middle level crime committed while here, whether before or during their participation in the legal and proper process of becoming a legal citizen, should be grounds for severe investigation, and should be accepted reason for immediate deportation, without delay. Health care should only be granted to severe cases, when involving illegal immigrants. People, no matter what country, who commit acts, that produce, "anchor babies" do not deserve any rights given to legit citizens, unless they remain in America, and volunteer to go through the citizenship process. Any visitor, legal or not, who is shown to have committed any crime, especially one that is commonly violent, deserves to be deported, and banned from entering any American territory. If after being immediately and swiftly deported, they enter any American property, whether domestic or foreign location, they deserve to be treated as a hostile criminal, and subjected to a mixture of American and local foreign law.”

From a Libertarian in Leo, IN
In reponse to: Should children of illegal immigrants be granted legal citizenship?

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