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“Maybe. If the accused has done a heinous crime that was merciless, very harsh, and that has taken the lives of one or many people that are innocent, then maybe yes, but all men are created equal which is stated in the constitution. So as an alternative, if someone robs someone's property for years, and they deserve the death penalty, then why not make a plan for the person to pay back the owner of all of the things that the accused has stolen? I understand that it is an eye for an eye, nd a tooth for a tooth, but why not be forgiving? If forgiveness was big all around the world, then no body would have to die for their crime. If someone took property, or something rather than taking another person's life, then why should they die for the paper found in wallets, or the television which is not alive. We should do things to prevent someone from dying, and although the death penalty has a somewhat 'good reason' for taking the life, you are still murdering someone even if you don't see it! It's time for us to open our eyes and see that life is priceless and anything that is worth money cannot even compare with the life of man. To conclude, even through I don't agree with the death penalty, it doesn't mean that the guilty should stay unpunished, but there should be something don't involving death in the penalty.”

From a Republican in Palm City, FL
In reponse to: Do you support the death penalty?

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