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“Yes! Why don't you have a watch tower of some type posted every 4th a mile? An electronic surveillance tower at every 4th mile... a 2 or 3 manned tower every mile... a 4-6 man post with 2 to 4 land vehicles every 5 miles... A post with a dedicated helipad every 10 miles with the capacity to land 2 copters as well as have a detention center that can humanitarianism cram 100's of people in it for review... the actual helipad port with 2 to 4 copters every 25 miles... each station equipped with long range high powered inferred lights to help assist nigh vision imaging systems... while having the boarders patrolled by crews 1 to 2 humans with 2 to 4 dogs?

Topped off for all of that, each human operated station has its own solar and batter power system that provides power to both, its own tower, the 4th mile electronic towers and a backup power to adjacent human operated towers as well as water wells at every 10 mile post supplying water to all the other post to help aid in self-sustaining abilities to reduce over all contentious use cost?

And don't waste my time with telling me "it cost to much," when those high cost are the result of out of control excessive regulations that drive up the cost.”

From a Libertarian in Huntsville, TX
In reponse to: Should the U.S. increase restrictions on its current border security policy?

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