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Should the Supreme Court be reformed to include more seats and term limits on judges?


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Supreme Court Reform Poll Results


5,502 votes



5,128 votes


Distribution of answers submitted by American voters.

3 Yes answers
3 No answers
0 overlapping answers

Data includes total votes submitted by visitors since Apr 17, 2019. For users that answer more than once (yes we know), only their most recent answer is counted in the total results. Total percentages may not add up to exactly 100% as we allow users to submit "grey area" stances that may not be categorized into yes/no stances.

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Learn more about Supreme Court Reform

In early 2020, several Democratic presidential candidates including Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke offered different proposals to reforming the Supreme Court. The proposals include adding 5 democratically elected judges to the current court and imposing term limits on current judges. According to the U.S. federal statute, justices have lifetime tenure unless they resign, retire, or are removed from office. Proponents of Supreme Court reform argue that the current court will be filled with too many conservative judges for the next several decades and it is not representative of the US population. Opponents argue that the plans are unconstitutional, would upset the balance of power and reinforce the idea that there are Democratic judges and Republican judges.  See recent Supreme Court Reform news

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