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“It isn't a decision of whether all guns should be banned, but particularly the most dangerous ones. Although this number is decreasing, America is populated greatly by what would be satirically called the Southern Resistance, a great many people who would be heavily opposed to having their guns taken away. This is not saying that taking away a majority of the guns that they so love wouldn't incite an angry reaction, but at a certain point, the government has to overrule the people for the betterment of the country (this doesn't happen often, mind you). The people do not need access to grenades, assault rifles, shotguns, things of the likes. These are military weapons, weapons that are designed for doing heavy damage to multiple amounts of people. I'm even skeptical about having handguns for regular people, but at least this can't clear an entire crowd.

Background checks and psychological exams are also a necessity. Obviously someone with an extreme criminal record, or someone who isn't completely right in the head shouldn't possess something that could kill another human being.”

From a Democrat in Keene, TX
In reponse to: Should there be more restrictions on the current process of purchasing a gun?

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