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Should the military upgrade Air Force One?


Last answered 2 hours ago

Air Force One Poll Results


17,158 votes



28,205 votes


Distribution of answers submitted by American voters.

1 Yes answers
3 No answers
0 overlapping answers

Data includes total votes submitted by visitors since Dec 8, 2016. For users that answer more than once (yes we know), only their most recent answer is counted in the total results. Total percentages may not add up to exactly 100% as we allow users to submit "grey area" stances that may not be categorized into yes/no stances.

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* Data estimated by matching users to U.S. Census data block groups via the American Community Survey (2007-2011)

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Learn more about Air Force One

In 2015, the U.S. Air Force announced that it had selected Boeing to build the next generation of Air Force One aircraft. Two new aircraft will be built and will enter service in 2024. The defense department estimates that the two new planes will cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $4 billion. In December 2016, President-elect Donald Trump announced that costs for the project were out of control and he would cancel the plane order once he took office. Proponents of the new planes argue that the current planes used for Air Force One will be fifty years old in 2021 and spare parts for the old planes are becoming hard to find.  See recent Air Force One news

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