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“People that are considered terrorists need to be arrested, not killed. They need to be locked up and first put on trial. Even if we know they are guilty. We don't do that in America, why should we do that elsewhere? Aren't we doing this whole 'fighting terrorism' to promote world peace? Maybe we need to focus our attention to promote world peace instead. Be pro peace, not anti-terror. Being anti-anything is really pro that thing. You can't fight a forest fire by using flame throwers. Arrest the terrorists. I think the whole world would have a different attitude about us if we didn't just walse into their countries and start bombing the place. We are not being pro-peace with our actions. We are being anti peace and pro war. In afghanistan and iraq we were trying to tell the world that "we don't take no crap from anyone. You mess with us and we terrorize you back, but far worse." 911 was caused by 1 man. not two unrelated countries. 6 men stopped than man. It didn't take 3 trillion dollars two unjust wars, millions dead to stop 1 man. We didn't do that much to fight hitler let alone one man hiding in a cave.”

From a Socialist in Katy, TX
In reponse to: Should the military fly drones over foreign countries to gain intelligence and kill suspected terrorists?

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