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“Again-- asking such an imperial question- those who cast the quickest reply are doubtful the most considerate.
Certainly there should be vigilant consideration and factors should be considered which seem to increase the possibility of such occurring. Vilifying an entire religion premised that this is the only threat to the America people is asinine and foolish. It not only justifies those already angry folks who look for a scapegoat but creates a panic for those who are frightened. It causes hysteria. Causes panic. Eliminates long term thinking needed when processing critical consequence. A person can be brilliant, a mob-- not so much. This sort of manipulation brings together folks in that mob mentality. Though, perhaps, a tactic used to steer the herd to rally a cause-- they amassed mob will flail out of control because any sense of order is lost. Panic and disorder fed on itself. Those who can create more fear do. Fighting fire with fire leads only to ash. Hate does not cure, it grows. Calm is the cure. But it may take longer, not 'sell' and is harder to use to divide people when pushing for an objective.”

From a Green in Lubec, ME
In reponse to: Should local police increase surveillance and patrol of Muslim neighborhoods?

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