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“We should let Russia, France, Jordan, and our Arab allies handle ISIS in Syria and provide France with intelligence on ISIS locations for them to hit. Ground troops must be sent in to win in Syria. Americans can still use NATO. To avoid WWIII with Russia, it would be wise for America to CO-OP with the Russians but only if they agree to not use Iran, Iranian proxies, Hezbollah, Hamas or any terrorist organizations that we call terrorist. This will open high level negotiations with Russia and Assad after the Syrian Civil War, and allow us to convince Assad to step down now that his country is cleared from terrorists. America and our NATO allies must clear Iraq, hold the ground, and build a permenant base and train an Iraqi Army and police force to keep Iran from invading Iraqi land or Iraqi resources such as oil. We must guide Iraq to build a real Constitution that gives rights to the Iraqi people.”

From a Republican in Cherry Hill, VA
In reponse to: Should the government send in ground troops to fight ISIS?

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