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“The lack of paid leave in general is a system that only begets inefficiency cycle after cycle. In some countries, men and women will have up to a year or two of government or privately sponsored sick, and more importantly paternity/maternity leave. This is because other countries know that to properly raise a child, one must really be around all the time in the early years, if possible. I believe the lack of time spent in raising a child can be reflected in the sad state of affairs in this country. People grow up less ready for this world, and ultimately less connected to it because they didn't have their father around a lot as a kid, who was constantly working late to give me and my sister a better life. And in that regard, I advocate family leave in general.”

From a Green in Oakland, CA
In reponse to: Should businesses be required to provide paid leave for full-time employees during the birth of a child or sick family member?

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