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“I think that we should have been educated more about it growing up. I am 22 and I just now found out what the confederate flag was from clicking the learn more button. I think if we were educated more on history regarding subjects of race and battles that took place and one race overthrowing the other, then we could breakdown racial stigmas that are still in this world today. Nothing is wrong with stereotypes but when it determines the way one person treats another, that's when it's not okay. As for the flag, it shouldn't fly in public places. In your home or on your property that you pay for, that's different. Hanging it on the outside of your apartment door, not ok; the apartment building is a shared space and the person can just hang that flag in their home if it means so much to them. Some people have pride towards one thing and I think that's one of America's biggest faults as a whole. We are proud people and not in a good way. Because of that we think we are better than others or we think rules don't apply to us, and then we teach our children that, ultimately leading to a very broken country, because everyone thinks their one thing is better and more important that another person's one thing. no flag.”

From a Republican in San Antonio, TX
In reponse to: Should states be allowed to display the Confederate flag on government property?

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