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@5ZT9F82Republicanfrom Oregon  answered…2yrs

Children of illegal immigrants should be deported with their parents. Children of illegals who are born here should be immediately placed into foster care and the parents deported.

@5SZJN2RDemocratfrom Washington  answered…2yrs

yes and we should at that moment of birth have a process in place to make the parents legal at the very least work here, unless they are engaged in criminal activities. Only then should the family be split up for the safety of the child.

@5R5XBGSDemocratfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

Yes, If they can graduate college and increase our Mental capacities.

@5RYDK2CRepublicanfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

There are many exceptions to be considered. Children who were dumped here by parents who are not worthy of U.S. immigration have it rough. Many who were left here as kids are now adults with no other home but here in the U.S. They should have a path to immigration and citizenship. How else can they become legal? (Kids conceived of TEMPORARY workers should NOT be citizens until their PARENTS become citizens.)

@5QRP8H5Republicanfrom New York  answered…2yrs

No! They are citizens of their parents homelands. The 14th amendment was expressly for the children of slaves. Unless the parents were legally in the US and in process of achieving permanent or citizenship status then the kids should NOT get citizenship.

@5ST9P6ZDemocratfrom Florida  answered…2yrs

Once an illegal has committed a crime and gets deported for it he/she should be tattooed so that when he/she simply re-crosses the border anyone can see they are illegal and report them. We have had enough instances of repeat crimes from illegal aliens.

@5Y9K3CJLibertarianfrom Illinois  answered…2yrs

I do not believe in the moral legitimacy of the concept of "Citizenship," which basically states that people are the "Property" of "their" government --- which is another word for SLAVE of "their" government.

@5SLL5QGRepublicanfrom Oklahoma  answered…2yrs

No, If an illegal immigrant gives birth in an American hospital and it is discovered that they are here illegally, the hospital should be required to report the family to the authorities. At this point, run a background check and if they have no criminal record here or in their home country, they can go through the appropriate channels to gain citizenship or be deported.

@5S3DHKLRepublicanfrom Wisconsin  answered…2yrs

I agree with the 14th amendment: All persons born or naturalized* in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

*Naturalization is the process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen or national after he or she fulfills the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act

@5R5JCNBRepublicanfrom California  answered…2yrs

@B4LHH4XIndependent from New York answered…23hrs

No but we must make it easier to become a citizen and we need to make sure not to separate families

@B4HGZ69Green from Maryland answered…1wk

@B4FPWL6Progressive from Arizona answered…2wks

If they were born here and the illegal immigrant parents came here to raise their kid then yes

@B4FPMNXLibertarian from South Carolina answered…2wks

Yes, and their parents should have the opportunity to apply for citizenship

@B4DPMY9Constitution from Arizona answered…3wks

yes if they were born here but also the should have to formally apply when they are older

@B4DJD29Women’s Equality from South Carolina answered…3wks

Yes- if they have lived here since they were very young and have attended US schools their whole lives.

@B4DFCV6Independent from California answered…3wks

Regardless, it is inherently immoral to separate children from their parents without probable cause that the parents are unfit to care for their children.

@B3QL5Q9Independent from California answered…2mos

No, they should not be granted citizenship so that they don't separate from their relatives

@Grace-FincoTranshumanist from Wisconsin answered…3mos

@B2S4RJTConstitution from Texas answered…3mos

Yes if they were born here AND it should not grant their parents citizenship.

@B2D5NMNLibertarian from Minnesota answered…4mos

If both parents are not from the United States, then no. If one is, then yes.

@B28YP9KTranshumanist from California answered…4mos

Yes, if they were born here because the law makes it clear that those who are born in United States are natural born citizen. Also, it should not grant their parents citizenship.

@B25QTTYTranshumanist from California answered…4mos

@9ZYD5SMRepublican from Arizona answered…5mos

Depends on age, but it should depend on the parent's status.

@9ZY5BJ2Constitution from Florida answered…5mos

Yes, if they are born here and are free from all committed crimes.

@9ZXRMHXRepublican from Washington D.C. answered…5mos

@Diana-SimpsonDemocrat from Utah answered…5mos

They should have every opportunity to be granted citizenship as children born to legal parents. This would be punishing the children for the actions of their parents, and that has never helped the children. The US is the one educating and is the community raising these children so instead of building up their animosity against our country, why not use their unique, undermined perspective to better our country?

@9ZVVKTRSocialist from Texas answered…5mos

Yes, but it should also grant their parents citizenship so they do not risk getting separated.

@9ZSC4WKPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…5mos

Yes if they have lived here for more than 5 years of were born here in the US

@9ZRT9ZLGreen from Tennessee answered…5mos

Citizenship isn't real, anyone who comes here can do what they want as long as they don't hurt people or create any problems.

@9ZPCLFHRepublican from California answered…5mos

Yes. Children shouldn't have to pay for the actions of their parents.

@9ZMWNWWTranshumanist from California answered…5mos

@9Z8PZ8PPeace and Freedom from Indiana answered…6mos

Yes, As long as they are good citizens to society and not a menace

@9Z52DTWProgressive from Michigan answered…6mos

@a-cookePeace and Freedom from Rhode Island answered…7mos

@9YV3S8XPeace and Freedom from Oklahoma answered…7mos

Only if their parents have lived here for a minimum of 12 months

@9YCLGT3Democrat from Illinois answered…8mos

Yes, if they were brought to the US as minors or were born in the US

@9Y9H234American Solidarity from North Carolina answered…8mos

yes, if they were born here, and their parents are in the process of becoming legal citizens

@9Y69N3SLibertarian from Michigan answered…8mos

Neither they should be if they were born here but not if they weren't

@9XY925VPeace and Freedom from Nevada answered…8mos

Yes, if they were born here. It should also be a much easier process for minors to gain citizenship, especially if they were brought here by their parents at a young age.

@9XY3C56Libertarian from Virginia answered…8mos

There should be no such thing as "illegal immigration". The Constitution does not give the government the authority to decide who may come to this country; only the authority to set requirements for gaining citizenship. All immigration laws, with the possible exception of recording entrance, should be repealed.

@9XXRTS5Green from New Jersey answered…8mos

No immigration should be illegal, and every immigrant should gain citizenship.

@Michael-FarrellAmerican Solidarityfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…8mos

No, and jus soli citizenship should be abolished. Only children of existing citizens should be automatically granted citizenship.

@9XPQVNRRepublican from Georgia answered…8mos


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