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@PlumpedupkicksIndependent from New Jersey answered…9mos

No, government sponsored health care should be handled by state governments

@9S7JQXXConstitution from New York answered…9mos

no, however, there should be some form of assistance for the people under the poverty line from a federal level

@9SQRKVHWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…9mos

Universal care does technically work, and though I don´t fully agree with how the medical systems work now, the overall quality is still better than countries that employ universal care.

@9SQ9XBMPeace and Freedom from Tennessee answered…9mos

I think the government should be able to aid healthcare, but not control it. I think healthcare should be equally accessible for everybody.

@9SKQNR7Women’s Equality from Connecticut answered…9mos

I agree with both '', Yes, and allow consumers to choose providers and import pharmaceuticals from other countries'' and ''No, open the markets so insurers can compete across state lines and reduce costs'' I think both should be allowed so people can choose which one works better for them.

@9S9LBM6American Solidarity from Connecticut answered…9mos

I support the plan, however, private healthcare should at the same time be an option for those who can afford high quality medical care.

@9YNXQV4Veteran from California answered…3 days

No - let the markets compete, but create requirements, such as pre-existing conditions and the requirement for ALL residing in the U.S. to have health insurance, including anyone not a U.S. citizen

@9YMXJM9Women’s Equality from Louisiana answered…6 days

Government regulation of prices in the medical industry needs to increase. People are being extorted.

@9YJXJ5WRepublican from New York answered…2wks

No, I agree with the idea of making heathcare affordable but through legislation of the private sector. The government should not for its own healthcare orginization

@9YJGPRNWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…2wks

@9YMP7STWorking Family from Ohio answered…6 days

It has the right idea with many pros but the cons also have effects that will hurt people in the future years

@9YMP3VGAmerican from Michigan answered…6 days

@9YMLQNBRepublican from Florida answered…6 days

I say no because it would put us in potential financial hole

@9YMLGM6Women’s Equality from Virginia answered…6 days

@9YM7W9LWorking Family from Idaho answered…1wk

@9YLSVFTWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…1wk

Yes, but those who do not have health insurance should not be fined.

@9YLLLBRPeace and Freedom from New York answered…1wk

@9YL2KJKTranshumanist from Maryland answered…1wk

Healthcare needs a major refinement and this is not the way to do it

@9YJSLL3Constitution from Virginia answered…2wks

it made Americans not be able to afford there insurance payments

@9YJ4GNLDemocrat from Virginia answered…2wks

Heath care has always been an issue what I think should happen Is there should be low o healthcare for everybody but given the choice people can get better private heath care witch would most likely have better protection and coverage.

@9S3Q9VYWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…10mos

Government should provide healthcare to all American citizens. All Americans should pay tax to have this done. Should be allowed to purchase more insurance out of pocket if you choose to.

@9RMJ6GJWomen’s Equality from Washington answered…10mos

Being heavily taxed for not being able to afford said "affordable" health care affected me negatively every year that Obamacare was in effect.

@9RLCNSWWorking Familyfrom Maine  answered…10mos

Regardless, a new system is needed to eliminate profit making as the primary motive of medical and pharmaceutical industries.

 Deleted answered…10mos

Health care reform was needed at the time, however, I am not a fan of the act itself.

@9RKHXHSLibertarian from Missouri answered…10mos

No, but regulate the cost of healthcare and allow for more Free-Market competition.

@Ivy-MitchellWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…10mos

@9RK2P5YPeace and Freedom from Mississippi answered…10mos

I'm inclined to say yes but I would like to do more research on this to make a better opinion on it.

@9RJRHBWWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…10mos

Yes, but without mandating a penalty when filing taxes if you aren’t insured

@9QPGVZWVeteran from Wisconsin answered…12mos

I support the majority of the idea but it will be incredibly hard to integrate and will come a lot of disadvantages.

@9QKY3SZVeteran from Colorado answered…1yr

Yes, Like regulations on health care providers so can’t charge outrages prices, but no, because don’t believe in subsidized healthcare plans

@9QKQHDJLibertarian from Oregon answered…1yr

@9QKK9TZRepublican from New York answered…1yr

Cut drug prices and make private Healthcare more affordable

@9QJLXT8Veteran from Rhode Island answered…1yr

No, the healthcare system needs to be reformed, however. We need tort reform to lower the upfront cost to medical providers, and regulation of pharmeseutical prices.

@9QJ4SM8Republican from New York answered…1yr

Everyone should pay the same $ amount across the board. Make it cheap but I shouldn't have to pay more then someone else

@9QHJV82Women’s Equality from Missouri answered…1yr

I support universal healthcare for conception to 18 years of age, and I believe those who have healthcare should be allowed to add whomever they want to their plan (for an added cost).

@9QGBJRJWomen’s Equality from Mississippi answered…1yr

I do support it, but I think that more should be added to it.

@9QCHR6VVeteranfrom Guam  answered…1yr

No, I support no part of the corruption between the federal as well as state governments, health insurance companies and healthcare providers

@9QCHBCZVeteran from Washington answered…1yr

No because of the ACA my insurance quality for my family went down and I pay more now and that was 6 years ago so there has been no benefit.

@9QCFNTDCommunistfrom Guam  answered…1yr

just give them universal healthcare or medicare for all instead of obamacare


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