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@5QZKGVVGreenfrom New York  answered…2yrs

A law on suicide is as enforceable as a law against masturbation. You simple can't stop a person from doing what they wish to do. If a terminally ill person wishes to end their suffering, who I am I to prevent them.

@5VZQJLMDemocratfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

Yes and I would even expand it to people with severe Alzheimer's.

@5QZNNR5Democratfrom Washington  answered…2yrs

This should be extended to all people ill or not. Suicide should be an option everyone has.

@5SJZGCVConstitutionfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

The "right to die" issue really troubles me. I'm afraid if we keep insisting on our right to die, the insurance companies are going to start denying care to chronically and terminally ill parients (who want and and need medical care) based on the enormous costs involved. I foresee a day in the not so distant future where we will be fighting for our "right to live." There will come a day when so-called "Death Panels" decide whether or not we should live or die based on the economic factors involved. This is a very slippery slope.

@5R72MKJRepublicanfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

All people with diseases or genetic defects should be executed for the good of humanity.

@5RY96L4Greenfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

Many ill people wouldn't suffer so long if it wasn't for big pharma keeping them alive for profit! If someone is that ill, let God be in control!

@6BD85G5Republicanfrom South Carolina  answered…2yrs

No and hell no it will only lead to populist cleansing in future Generations

@5T5LGY9Democratfrom Oregon  answered…2yrs

A. I am terminally ill. B. The concern should be about weak and defenseless people being coerced into suicide by their potential heirs. If, given reasonable counseling a person wishes to cash-out, that should be allowed.

@5RJNF2JGreenfrom New York  answered…2yrs

Yes, but the screening process should allow it to be very difficult to obtain the right to do so and physicians should be able to deny doing so if it is against their beliefs

@5RD4NFGRepublicanfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

For some patients terminal within three to six months may have to endure pain and suffering beyond their threshold. Euthanasia is not suicide, it should be a human right for one to liberate from enduring suffering.

@5TCFBMDConstitutionfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

Why wouldn't they? This is what hospice does. Dr. Jack Kevorkian went to prison for doing what hospice does the only difference is the government didn't get their greedy hands on it.

@5SGTPL7Democratfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

No! Are you kidding? You are supposed to die a natural death, taking your life is the worse thing you could do, if you only have a couple weeks to live, live it well and make beautiful memories. Don't end something that's going to take course on it's own.

@5WG76ZLGreenfrom California  answered…2yrs

Just as sex Ed is taught in schools, death Ed should also be taught

@5YCZGN2Democratfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

@66QWGPBGreenfrom New York  answered…2yrs

@5YC5ZS2Libertarianfrom California  answered…2yrs

They should have the balls to kill themselves instead of making someone else do it for them

@5S6MTVVDemocratfrom Virginia  answered…2yrs

There should be no posthumous legal action taken against people who commit suicide or assisted suicide.

@5RHVVRCRepublicanfrom Alabama  answered…2yrs

As long as they don't use tax money to do it... if you can't afford to pay for assisted suicide, then you need to buy a lot of heroine and OD.

@5X3NBTHRepublicanfrom California  answered…2yrs

Everyone can commit suicide without fear of the government. Duh. Will the deceased go to jail?

@5R8WJ3VGreenfrom Idaho  answered…2yrs

i feel that there are medical ways to help someone that is terminally ill pass in manner other than allowing them to commit suicide.

@5WCTTKJLibertarianfrom New York  answered…2yrs

Yes, even non-terminally ill people should be able to legally make this choice.

@5SXPDMYDemocratfrom New Jersey  answered…2yrs

Yeah it's their life they can do what they choose with it we need less people on earth anyway if we keep stopping suicides we're going to get pretty close to over population and I sure as hell don't want that

@5T3P472Greenfrom Georgia  answered…2yrs

Having lost a loved one to suicide I say no, it is never the answer. However, were I dying a slow and terrible death? I would end it. But I couldn't do that to my kids, so I wouldn't. But, maybe I would. Too big an issue, too emotionally charged for a survey

@5SQR432Greenfrom Virginia  answered…2yrs

We should widely look into cryonics for the cases of the terminally ill, as the end result is the same as assisted suicide in the worst case, but the best case is that they get a second chance at a full life.

@5XTHF7RRepublicanfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Yes, and make it mandatory to end the lives of the mentally retarded as well.

@5WX677GLibertarianfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

Suicide is not a legal matter - government should not be involved. However, government should also not be involved in creating a barrier to medicine via licensing and pharmaceutical prescription control. Assisted suicide . . . . . hard to tell where the "assisted" part might end and murder might begin. If people have access OTC to meds/drugs/etc. no need for assistance.

@5SP4JXBDemocratfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if cause of death is listed as assisted suicide and life insurance claims are issued accordingly to prevent the patient from being pressured into the decision.

@5SMKMW8Democratfrom North Carolina  answered…2yrs

No the government should fund programs for them to do fun things.

@5VCH2V8Democratfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

As a cancer survivor I defnitely would want the option to end my life if I were terminal.

@5QXZZKBConstitutionfrom New York  answered…2yrs

Suicide is by definition, a solitary act. "Assisted suicide" is another expression for homicide.

@5R7KTHLDemocratfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Yes, because it's basically saying putting an animal out of its misery.

@5YBRWQNGreenfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

Yes but not with prior approval. Every death must be tried in Court.

@68NWYFKDemocratfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

No, due to religious belief...for one did not give themselves life, therefore can not add or take away any days or years to it. Just refuse artificial life support. We are becoming too much of a country that gives "Burger King" rights. We can not continue to look at things in a "have it your way attitude." Let's look back at the purpose of life & death and not for "shortcuts."

@5T2B9LSGreenfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

Euthanasia should be a pre decided concern such as a DNR which is then supported by an assessment of the persons illness and psychological state at any time the situation arises

@5R4TQCLRepublicanfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

@5YSLRG3Democratfrom Minnesota  answered…2yrs

@5TCYYBCDemocratfrom Florida  answered…2yrs

Yes -- we shoot horses don't we. It's humane to end a suffering life !!

@5RYDK2CRepublicanfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

This is an "I can't go there" stance. I can compassionately support it if they are suffering and there is no hope for survival, but at the same time, there are too many opportunities for abuse. That has to be the hardest for those left behind. Comfort care is the key for most situations.

@5R7V62SDemocratfrom Arizona  answered…2yrs

@5RS4973Republicanfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

Who's going to assist them? A regulated professional? Prosecution of family members etc. should not be pursued if they assist if it is clear it was the will of the deceased but medical professionals should not be doing it.

@5RJNJBZLibertarianfrom California  answered…2yrs

@5T72M4PRepublicanfrom California  answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if there is no chance they will survive and over 70 years of age

@5QV4S87Republicanfrom Kentucky  answered…2yrs

This is a hard one. I think you can't control whether a person wants to live or die. You shouldn't make it illegal but you shouldn't make it legal either. If the person wants to die, that's their own decision. The best we can do as a country is provide counseling to those who want it. Suicide is a serious thing and it's mostly caused by neglect. Whether it's self neglect or being neglected by someone else. It all comes down to feeling alone. Not seeing a future. It's hard to see a future when you aren't happy. In today's society, you are beaten down to the ground from bills and debts. There's

@5R62463Democratfrom Kansas  answered…2yrs

that's just weird. they can have they choice, but not have someone assist in it. I feel that's a type of murder.

@6G72LZ4Libertarianfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if there is no chance of survival and then only after a series of counseling appointments. People can not get Gender Reassignment surgery without 6 months of counseling because GRS can not be undone. It should be no different for those seeking assisted suicide.

@5SC2Q4LConstitutionfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

@6PNJPSXRepublicanfrom Montana  answered…2yrs

Hard to legislate your morality on others--they have their own choice-- abortion victims (murder) don't.


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