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@949KCY3 from Georgia answered…16hrs

Yes, it's helpful for economic growth, but don't let it encourage job outsourcing.

@947LN98 from California answered…5 days

@DeanDittmer98 from Colorado answered…2wks

@944SBT4 from Georgia answered…2wks

I do support it but at the same time I think we need to prevent companies from outsourcing American jobs

@9432S4FSocialist from Virginia answered…3wks

@93XVJ36Democrat from Oklahoma answered…4wks

Yes, another program the US should not have withdrawn from in 2017.

@93RLY95 from New York answered…1mo

Only if restrictions were put into place to prevent any goods manufactured by that company from being sold back in the US, simply because it's cheaper to make in other countries.

@93QFT9P from New York answered…1mo

Yes, but the current amount each country gave each other should be public knowledge

@93NV2G9 from Indiana answered…2mos

@93MNB6C from Oklahoma answered…2mos

@93M9BZGIndependent from Massachusetts answered…2mos

@93H8874 from Texas answered…2mos

I think private companies should not be held back by government policy

@93GX8PZDemocrat from Maryland answered…2mos

@93GMY7P from Washington answered…2mos

Yes, but replace it with the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)

@93GKPCGSocialist from Michigan answered…2mos

No, end capitalism and work together with countries to achieve a dignified life for all.

@93FBS92 from Maryland answered…2mos

@93DGMFB from Washington answered…2mos

@93CPX2S from Illinois answered…2mos

@939Y4DFLibertarianfrom Virgin Islands  answered…3mos

@92YHQCV from California answered…3mos

No, this will incentivize companies to move jobs out of the country, plus there are too many hidden provisions in this specific agreement

@937QWC8Independent from California answered…3mos

No, it brings economic growth to all countries and even exports a large amount of made in America products, however it will make companies move jobs out of the country and makes less economic growth for America. Reform it instead so that America gets more jobs and has a higher economic growth. Don't abolish it entirely because of the exports, but even though I support the idea, I don't support the current implementation.

@92YVGP3Independent from Georgia answered…3mos

@92NSM3C from Texas answered…4mos

@92GSCZ7 from Iowa answered…4mos

@92CS64Q from Georgia answered…4mos

 Deleted answered…4mos

Yes, it will bring economic growth to all countries involved and prevent them from going to China's economy.

@926X7WG from Minnesota answered…4mos

 @AndyMaidment from Missouri answered…4mos

No. The stance of the United States should be one of free trade between peaceful nations.

@8ZZ8VVD from Arizona answered…5mos

@8ZZ892B from New York answered…5mos

Yes, it will provide economic growth, but people will outsource because it's cheaper, people need better work environment.

@8ZMLY9W from North Carolina answered…5mos

No, the TPP does not provide for adequate worker protection requirements

@8ZG3KTL from Georgia answered…6mos

Companies should be free to do as they please without the government interfering.


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