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@B2KDKMNIndependentfrom Oregon  answered…4mos

They are entitled to hearings, but I would be very hesitant to release them

@9VBDYYJRhinocerosfrom Montana  answered…1yr

At the end of the day murders are dangerous and this topic shouldn’t be treated lightly. Though I feel like some are wrongfully accused or probably did it out of fear and self protection. It could have even been wrong place at the wrong time or they had gotten in with the wrong crowd and had to kill somebody in order to stay in the protection of the gang. These are still actual people who are complex. That being said, I feel like they should let them go on payroll but only after extreme physic evaluation and rehabilitation. Also, I think that certain cases (like crazy murders who had did terrible things to people, especially for some psychopathic urge) shouldn’t be given the same right.

@9SW43VJLiberalfrom Texas  answered…1yr

I think that some of the prisoners learn there lesson so yea i think some are eligible

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...…7yrs

Yes, provided a strict psychological evaluation shows they are no longer a threat to society

@B4SGDQ7New Democraticfrom Florida  answered…14hrs

It depends, if the person is in jail because they murdered someone who had done something unforgivable such as molested or killed your child on purpose then I think they should be eligible for parole, if they just went out and killed someone for the no reason then no they should not be eligible for parole.

@B4GBHK2Rhinocerosfrom Washington  answered…3wks

It depends. If the criminal has seemed like he changed throughout prison sure. But that criminal who got out should be highly supervised for a little.

@9ZZK8G8Rhinocerosfrom Florida  answered…5mos

@9ZW9GT7New Democratic answered…5mos

Depending on what the crime was nothing more then 3 crimes should get parole

@9YZYNWGChristian Heritagefrom Michigan  answered…7mos

Only if they have passed a polygraph many times and it ended positive.

@9YX979CGreen answered…7mos

depending on the case, if its like the menendez brothers case then yes but if its a straight up murder for no reason or a dumb reason.

@9WNPJFCConservativefrom Florida  answered…10mos

It depends, every case is different and you can't judge them the same.

@9VNX4M9Democratfrom Minnesota  answered…12mos

Yes, but only after psychological evaluation, personal situation, and rehabiliation confiorm that the person is no longer threat and will be a benefit to society.

@9VK75HXCommunistfrom Ohio  answered…12mos

if they behaved very well in prison and they learned their lesson then I don't see why not.

@9TSQYR9New Democraticfrom Texas  answered…1yr

I believe it depends on each person whether they should be eligible for parole hearing.

@isulikowskiLibertarianfrom Montana  answered…1yr

@9SW5RGFLiberalfrom Texas  answered…1yr

@9SNWGKSBloc Québécoisfrom Texas  answered…1yr

Depends on the behavior into the prison walls, maybe try therapy for them to so you know that their not gonna go off killing someone

@9S3CV83Communistfrom New York  answered…1yr

Yes but with psychological evaluation and at discretion of victim's family

@9RRG8GQRhinocerosfrom California  answered…1yr

@9R367F5New Democraticfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

A test should be conducted if they are ready to reenter society, prison should be rehabilitive process, if the prisoner is not sufficiently rehabilitated in 15 years then obviously they need more time, being human is a social construct, and certain habits or personalities are programed, its all about deprograming people and letting them be human again.

@9QKNNQ6Communistfrom New Jersey  answered…2yrs

@Hey1People’s Party answered…2yrs

Only allow parole at best, In some cases It It was a revenge killing for another murder.

@9LLSB3NFree Democratic Partyfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

Reinstate the death penalty. Only those that could be more productive outside than inside should be eligible for parole. Reinforce community services and rehabilitation programs (psychological and educational).

@9KH9HKTCommunistfrom Rhode Island  answered…2yrs

If they were accused for murder they should not go unless you have fingerprints and real good evidence.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...…7yrs

No, and reinstate the death penalty for heinous premeditated crimes

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...…7yrs

Yes, and we should provide more rehabilitation programs for prisoners


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