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@B2GGMRJVeteran from Utah answered…4mos

The spending should be for our country and not for other countries. It should be for what we need as a country.

@B27DQPBCommunist from Illinois answered…4mos

Remain the same, but give tools like tractors and insecticide instead of goods.

@9ZD77L3Women’s Equality from Georgia answered…6mos

In the long run we need to aim to help countries, but in the meantime we have a lot more to worry about at home.

@9Z9599PPeace and Freedom from New York answered…6mos

@Jessica-MatherlyWomen’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…6mos

Keep the amount the same but look at where funding goes based on human rights violations and harboring and promotine terrorism.

@9YSXZ45Constitution from Texas answered…7mos

Decrease, but we should re-work our system to aid the most poverty stricken areas of the world

@9YSFVBRConstitution from California answered…7mos

Decrease, and route that funding to our homeless / ill veterans.

@B4HQKPYConstitution from Kansas answered…1wk

Stop all foreign aid spending and refuse any requests for more.

@B4GSDBLSocialist from Louisiana answered…2wks

Fund other parts of our government which are lacking (Education, etc)

@B4D3HJTRepublican from Oklahoma answered…3wks

Decrease, but continue to help in communities in great need- assure that funds do not assist teorrirst organizations

@B4BZVZXIndependent from Louisiana answered…3wks

Increase, but only for countries that have no human rights violations, and humanitarian aid only -- NO MILITARY AID -- and none for Israel

@B47PFN7Women’s Equality from California answered…1mo

No. I’m satisfied with current level, but we need to take care of U.S. Citizens first.

@B478JMTConstitution from Georgia answered…1mo

Continue foreign aid to countries that are aligned with the Judeo Christian ethic and are not antagonistic to the United States.

@B46QXG7Libertarian from New Jersey answered…1mo

Decrease, and we should only give aide to countries in the Americas

@B45C97HPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Increase , but not until the National budget deficit is reduced or in extreme situations

@B3YX6MCSocialistfrom Maine  answered…1mo

Decrease. I support aiding countries that desire help from the U.S. but the U.S. is aiding and occupying countries that do not want it in many cases.

@Yes_AntoonIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

Increase, and cut aid to nations with human rights violations and redistribute it to our allies

@B3MSKKZDemocrat from Virginia answered…2mos

@B3K36R9Veteran from Minnesota answered…2mos

@B3JGVKSRepublican from Missouri answered…2mos

should cut the foreign aid spending and only help others that support us and we help them who help us

@B3B4CBCConstitution from Wisconsin answered…3mos

Decrease, until we drastically reduce our national budget deficit, and eliminate spending in countries guilty of human rights violations

@B39XX9XConstitution from Tennessee answered…3mos

Only insofar as it supports the US global hegemony with a goal of stability in a nuclear age.

@B34G9T3Working Familyfrom Maine  answered…3mos

@B2Z59ZXDemocrat from Texas answered…3mos

I believe funding should occur, but the funding should be reinstated and reviewed to ensure the USA does not use it to weaponize other developing countries.

@B2YCNS4Peace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

Neither, but don’t spend foreign aid on dangerous countries

@B2W3XXJGreen from Illinois answered…3mos

Increase but stop using the money to coup and destabilize other countries.

@B2VJDJTConstitution from Michigan answered…3mos

Decrease, before we can assist any nation we should get our problems fixed first.

@B2L52NLWorking Family from New Jersey answered…4mos

Decrease and instead use that funding to fix domestic problems

@B2GSLPJRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…4mos

@9ZVHMW6Democrat from New Jersey answered…5mos

I think we should only be helping out countries who really need it and ones that have no human rights violations

@9ZSM2TWPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…5mos

Increase for countries that are in the most need. European countries do not need any United States support unless they are facing some sort of invasion or crisis.

@9ZPS8KCVeteran from Kentucky answered…5mos

Increase, but only for countries which do have human rights violations as adjudged by the U.S. and not by any international body.

@9ZJXNXXWomen’s Equality from Utah answered…5mos

should have a set budget each year and make best use of funds available.

@Angelina-DuranWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…2yrs

Decrease and redirecting the money to counties that don’t violate human rights

@9H4X266Communist from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

Nations that are developing their infrastructure or recovering from disaster should receive however much aid they need to achieve either. Established industrial nations that are not the victims of disaster have no need of our aid and it should not be extended to them.

@9H4VFQ3Conservativefrom Oregon  answered…2yrs

Increase foreign aid and loans to countries which we can secure alliances and partnerships out of (Enlightened Self Interest)

@9H3GP44Green from Minnesota answered…2yrs

Decrease, until our own issues are solved - poverty, inner city crime, homelessness. Take care of our own problems then help others

@9H3G69JDemocrat from Ohio answered…2yrs


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