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@9ZF28NBSocialistfrom Montana  answered…1wk

Lift all sanctions, embargo’s, etc. and work to adopt a system like Cuba’s and closer ties with Cuba itself.

@9ZC43FYRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

No. Not until the Castro family and their allies are removed from power, and the Cuban people are free to elect their own leadership.

@9YSXZ45Constitution from Texas answered…2mos

@9YDPVMFPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…2mos

Yes. Despite the negative influence communism has had on Cuba, the U.S. embargo has had an arguably worse effect on the nation.

@9Y2N2XJDemocrat from Colorado answered…3mos

@6B9M2QJConstitutionfrom Texas  answered…1yr

That is because Obama is stupid. Cuba did their own thing and wanted to be on their own. Let them suffer and fail until they realize they need us and decide to become part of the USA as a state. In turn, we can enforce the same laws and so forth over there as here and build a base there.

@6FL3ZFSLibertarianfrom Maryland  answered…1yr

Yes, and it should have been done years ago. We should have had a McDonalds in Havana the day after the Russians cut off foreign aid to them. There is no argument for not doing so...if we can overlook the human rights violations of China, our largest trading partner, we can do so with Cuba. Cuba represents a new market for American products and services, which is good for our economy. Further isolationism will gain nothing (how's that working out with North Korea?).

@6BBCFHSGreenfrom Georgia  answered…1yr

No, this will allow the U.S. to exploit Cuban farmers and workers.

@9DJ4S86Transhumanist from California answered…1yr

@9DGKLRGAmerican from Florida answered…1yr

The only people suffering with an embargo are innocent citizens. Time to let this go like we did with Japan & Germany

@9FK2DV6Veteran from New Jersey answered…1yr

I think we should have begun having talks with Cuban leaders to come to a political and economic compromise. This could lead to better relations and trade embargo lifting.

@9DM4G98Socialistfrom Maine  answered…1yr

We should be politically allied with Cuba and the Communist Party

@9DLBFTWPeace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…1yr

Yes, lifting the embargo would boost our economy, and serve to support free travel between the two nations.

@9FHSG4NWorking Family from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, the domino effect that was touted in the 50's for communism has proven to be a farce. We have dealings with countries with dictators who have been added to humanitarian watch lists for the things they do to their own citizens. Bring on the cigars and classic cars.

@9F9YPRJRepublican from Illinois answered…1yr

Yes, trade with Cuba makes them less likely to side with our enemies.

@9F49TLDDemocrat from New York answered…1yr

Yes. The people of Cuba have suffered for so long due to no fault of their own. We need to show them we have interest in them, and their struggles.

@9WR9MWJIndependent from Nevada answered…4mos

@9W95PMNPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…5mos

@9VF9F2JVeteran from Texas answered…7mos

Travel but not trade and we should set up settlements in third world countries

@9V528H5Socialist from Florida answered…8mos


@AGondhalekarPeace and Freedom from Georgia answered…9mos

Yes, as long as Cuba is not putting inhumane restrictions on their citizens.

@9T5JVR8Constitution from Colorado answered…10mos

@9SZ5JCVWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…10mos

I believe we should keep the trade open. Keep it fair for every country and do not cheat them out of money or goods

@9SJ9GK7Women’s Equality from Kentucky answered…11mos

@9SCKCVYWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…11mos

Yes, so people can buy things they need like clothe, perfume , shoes, collogne, sunglasses etc.while on vacation. However, there should also be an age limit required for Americans to buy rum and cigars.

@9RXDFKRTraditional Unionist Voice from Florida answered…12mos

No, and trail an army of Cubans, Hattians, and Nicaraguans to overthrow the Cuban gov't with support of the US Marines and Air Force.

@LuckyChucky411Democrat from California answered…12mos

Yes and stop attempting to crush all socialist governments out of imperialism and greed.

@Ivan-Cabiya-Sche…Socialist from Georgia answered…12mos

Yes, but he should have removed the embargo in its entirety.

@9RBQLBNVeteran from Mississippi answered…1yr

Yes, but in exchange Cuba should compensate those who they seized assets from under Castro.

@9QV967WConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

@9PWHGPMPeace and Freedom from Arkansas answered…1yr

No opinion. I am not educated well enough on the topic to form an opinion.

@9PTVZ5RWomen’s Equalityfrom Maine  answered…1yr

@9PT32C6Democrat from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, we should be working towards rehabilitating the country's economy and democracy rather than containing to destabilize it.

@9PGTR59Transhumanist from Oklahoma answered…1yr

Yes in terms of travel and trade only. Not banking/business practices.

@9PDWKG6Democrat from New Jersey answered…1yr

No, we shouldn't lift the embargoes until Cuba takes steps towards creating a more equal and representative environment for its citizens.

@9P58BN4Peace and Freedom from Florida answered…1yr


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