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@8LDQC7G from Ohio commented…2yrs

donald trump should be president

@8LM2L7X from Texas commented…2yrs

You can't be pro women and support abortion.

@8LTVTP6 from Florida commented…2yrs

What if someone is raped, or has a bad medical condition. The baby doesn’t care anyway, since they can’t think.

@8LY7SQ3 from Illinois commented…2yrs

they still could have had a life and if you dont think you can care for the baby their is something called adoption.

@KodaGwoodLibertarian from Texas disagreed…2mos

"There is something called adoption"? Alot of people only care about the baby while it is still in the womb.

Even with the low bar to adopt or become a foster parent there is not alot of people signing up to do it - Someone who had their fair share of foster/group homes.

Furthermore there is the data that was popularized by Freakanomics on how abortion was a top reason for the crime of the 70's disappearing, as you didn't have these 'Lil Yummies: running around.

@8X5N3DLGreen from Oklahoma commented…11mos

If you put a child up for adoption you're potentially screwing that child over for the rest of their life. Why not focus on all the abused and starving kids in the foster care and adoptions systems if you're pro-life. yall are more pro-birth and not pro-life

@8S7LMDFfrom Maine  commented…1yr

If someone was raped or the women's life was at risk from the pregnancy, an abortion should be available. But aside from these instances I'm pro life.

@8N4ZZ74  from California commented…2yrs

If someone has these conditions I’d say abortion is appropriate

@8NBZ96QGreen  from California commented…2yrs

abortion should be allowed in all situations, it's cruel to force a teenage girl or younger to carry a baby for nine months (or more) and force her to take a maternity leave in fricking high school and missing out on important experiences that may shape her life. i understand that she can give the baby up for adoption after carrying to term but putting a young women through the emotional and no to mention expensive and painful birth just to give something she has created away when it can be gone in a moment depending on how far along she is. i understand that it may be against some people's religious or personal beliefs but if the usa was pro choice you get your choice and i don't think a random women's choice to abort her baby that was unexpected will impact your life at all

@8MRR5H9 from North Dakota commented…2yrs

@8MDNJ5R from Maine  commented…2yrs

You can be pro women, meaning respecting them and giving them a choice because it's their body and their life.

@8MVNY3G from Utah commented…2yrs

Do you believe that the baby is part of their body?

@8NMHCZVRepublican  from California commented…2yrs

No, of course not. If you were to say that then you could say the mother has 20 fingers and toes, 2 heads, a penis (if the baby is a boy), etc...

@8TTNK7F from Pennsylvania commented…1yr

This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard, and that's saying a lot. There are circumstances where this completely goes against itself. What if the woman's life is at risk? Are you Anti-Woman for letting her get an abortion and saving her life? Not to mention I don't agree with abortion, I am Pro-Life and this paints a horrible picture. I do not support abortion, I fill never support Planned Parenthood, but I do not think it should be illegal. If they want to make that choice with their body I couldn't care less as long as I'm not funding it with tax dollars. So I guess that means I am Anti-Woman. And if you advocate for women's rights (Which they already have) then this makes no sense. The statement condridicts itself and really should not be taken seriously, Thank you.

@8LG94F9Socialist from California disagreed…2yrs

You can't be pro-women's equality and vote for Trump

@8LGFV93from Maine  commented…2yrs

shut it you socialist.

@8N5QR5RRepublican from Utah commented…2yrs

Just because they are a socialist does NOT mean you can treat them differently. They are the same as you. They have a voice let them use it. EVERYONE IS HUMAN!!!

@8PSZK3PIndependent from California commented…2yrs

@8LQGMDKCommunist from Wisconsin commented…2yrs

What’s wrong with socialism ?? We live in a socialist country u dweeb. Don’t @ me if ur going to say ppl are just taking govt handouts and not working.

@BluJada from Washington commented…2yrs

@8XCHPJS from Utah commented…11mos

well i don't want my taxes to pay for people who don't chose to work. grow up and get a job.

@8QK2L8Yfrom Maine  commented…2yrs

I just want people to know that I'm not a socialist, I think isidewith have not got me correctly. I would call myself an Independent because I have left-wing and some right-wing views

@8QK2L8Yfrom Maine  commented…2yrs

Actually I think you can be pro-women's equality and vote for Trump. Yes, I am not in line with many Trump policies, but I've noticed that the mainstream media have been very harsh on Trump. Trump has his pros and cons just like all politicians do. Trump and I share the same stance on Pro-Life. I don't think he is sexist. Those protestors wearing those pink hats were very cringy and over-the-top. People have become so polarized recently, back in the past people used to have civil discussions no matter what politics they agreed with, such a shame. I try to be friendly with everyone so I would …  Read more

@93V8YKT from New York commented…2mos

i agree with you on trump but no way you just said Jimmy carter was your favorite president

@8NN3JLYRepublican  from Louisiana commented…2yrs

Even tho we want him to, he prolly won't bc Biden is leading by 50 electoral votes. I'm terrified, I really don't want Biden for president.

@8LNXR24 from Connecticut commented…2yrs

People should be allowed to support who ever they want with out repercussions, that's the freedom of speech and expression. I support Trump. Yeah sometimes he doesn't say the right and/or smartest things but he has good ideas for our country, while Biden is focused on small issues within the country, Trump will not get distracted and keep us out of war the best he can. So stop with the Liberal bs where the current focus is gays and blacks, I am gay, and I believe we have enough, we can wed, we can vote, we can work. It's not the governments fault that we get discriminated on, it's the peoples…  Read more

@8LRX2TJRepublican from Indiana commented…2yrs

I love that you are thinking rationally and understand the government doesn’t control that. I fully support the lgbtq community but it is not in the government that they face criticism. I agree with your stance and respect it.

@8M3TCKY  from New Jersey commented…2yrs

the most glaring issue while reading your reply was the use of your word "blacks". while i dont have enough time or energy to explain to you why using that term is offensive, i will save my breath and tell you this: address them as black people, black americans, or african americans. if you are unable to use any of these terms or you continue to call them "blacks" after reading this, then you are the problem.

while i see your point, i must point out the flaws in your argument. you mentioned that you are gay. why support donald trump if he continues to oppose the equality act? you said that t…  Read more

@8N5QR5RRepublican from Utah commented…2yrs

I totally believe that and I myself has to fix that because I do say blacks. After reading this persons comment I should use it as african american because they should not be called blacks but as their real name because we should be proud to call them african american. They deserve to be recognized as such.

@8M9HLFJ from Arkansas commented…2yrs

auctully he supppots gay and callingsome one black is ok does it make me racist no does onwoing 3 conforedoarte flags foe just my romm make me racist no


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