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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

No, provide more incentives for alternative energy production instead

@5DVLBZWfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

This question is wrong, as the real problem has always been corruption/cronyism and failure to enforce property rights. Regulations are written by cronies more to the benefit of polluters than to our environment or property owners. Regulations have actually made it harder to sue those who harm our shared/un-owned resources, stealing property value, health and life.

@4YRY8PGfrom Nevada  answered…2yrs

government needs to regulate the pollution of the planet, not just for climate change; saving the planet is unnecessary, the planet will save itself. However, humans are capable of making the earth inhabitable for themselves.

@58T9LTQfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

Shame on us all if we do not!! Religion and politics talks about God. I can't believe this is how we show our gradituid for all the beauty bestowed to us on this planet. We are the Caretakers. Religiously this is an abomination to God to treat this world and all living creatures and each other so badly. Doing the right thing is to at least make an effort in thanks to Grace. For all

@4YTBLYBfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Yes, but not for climate change. I think that is unfounded for several contradicting reasons from both sides of the issue. However, the human toll through cancer causing agents is alarming and should have been addressed with more importance years ago.

@8QRY9YRGreen from North Carolina agreed…2yrs

Yes, and provide more incentives for alternative energy production

Our views are very unaligned but I agree that cancer causing factors are also a big deal when it comes to regulations.

@58CYBXXfrom California  answered…2yrs

There have been five ice ages and warming periods within the 60 million years. It is a very complex problem.

@4YXF23Xfrom New Jersey  answered…2yrs

Climate change is the single most impressive issue today. Govt measures should include education of youth and climate change deniers. Furthermore govt. should stop subsidizing animal agriculture which is responsible for serious greenhouse gas emissions

@4YW99PVfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

No evidence that CO2 is the dominant factor. Climate has changed relatively little in the past several decades. Almost all predictions for the amount of change have been wrong.

@58T9633from Montana  answered…2yrs

I view global warming as a consequence for our actions because of my religion. We have done it to our earth. We spend pointless money on it, but the government never says how we are going to solve it because there isn't an answer.

@948XQ3CLibertarian from California answered…3hrs

i think more regulations should be on large businesses rather than the individuals

@948WNKL from California answered…4hrs

As long as the regulations aren't too restrictive and aren't ridiculous, then yes.

@948VMXD from Nevada answered…5hrs

I think that they should have regulations on littering and such, but the global warming ideas will destroy a major part of our economy.

@948QGJF from Kansas answered…7hrs

@948PYDFRepublican from North Carolina answered…8hrs

Until there is a reliable way to prevent climate change, then no.

@948LB95 from Kansas answered…18hrs

If the Government intends to decrease climate change, then its any efforts must first be supplemented by efforts to restrict international business and foreign national contributions to emissions that are outside of national and Western control.

@948JSLX from Florida answered…21hrs

@948FT2J from North Carolina answered…1 day

No, provide more incentives for alternative energy production like Nuclear power production.

@948FBG8 from Arizona answered…1 day

@948F6PB from Texas answered…1 day

There should be more unbiased information given about this topic to allow the individual to change their ways. But I would say no because more government regulation is not a thing I would like.

@948B6PC from Ohio answered…1 day

@9489986 from California answered…1 day

All the government’s solutions to climate change end up being worse for the environment. It’s better to just make alternatives more appealing and accessible but the government shouldn’t enforce it.

@9488WDD from Texas answered…1 day

Yes, increase regulations, and yes, provide more incentives for alternative energy production, but be realistic about creating an infrastructure for this type of energy and provide the public and businesses with education on how to help/abide with regulations

@9486TCC from Indiana answered…1 day

they need to spend money to invite new products then force companies to use said products but theyll never do anything to help because for the time being its just to profitable for them

@947ZCHKLibertarian from Tennessee answered…2 days

No! It's all scam for the rich to get richer i.e. Al Gore. All they want to do is invest in the companies they subsidize. The Earth will continue to change and fluctuate independent of human activity.

@947ZBV5 from Georgia answered…2 days

God changes the Climate constantly and did so before man. STOP PLAYING GOD. Ignore climate change as far as trying to fix it, adapt to what god brings us. In other words Satan is using "Climate Change". to control us and I am not religious this is friggin common sense

@947V7MN from California answered…2 days

Producing clean energy is very important but not to the point where you shut down or cripple one one energy sector to push for the other it has to be a graduale thing a process over time

@947HHNKIndependent from Massachusetts answered…4 days

Yes, the government should enact a carbon tax, a methane tax, and a nitrous oxide tax for all energy and agricultural companies, and remove all agricultural and energy subsidies.

@947F5KM from Texas answered…4 days

@9479WVN from Arizona answered…4 days

@94799VL from Kentucky answered…4 days

yes, encourage the use of nuclear power away from residential areas

@9478B8K from Washington answered…4 days

@9476KN3Republican from West Virginia answered…4 days

Yes, but slowly to ensure that people with jobs in standard energy production could make the switch to a different job securely.

@9472CKF from New York answered…5 days

@946ZNS9 from Louisiana answered…5 days

Yes, but global warming is also a naturally occuring thing, so it should be solely for the purpose of keeping plants, animals, and people healthy.

@946Z453 from Illinois answered…5 days

Yes. Climate Change is a huge issue, and the amount of pollution we are emitting and the wildfires are getting worse every year. The west is running out of water rapidly, and the ocean temperatures are rising, along with the summer heatwaves becoming hotter and more frequent.

@946WXK9Independentfrom Maine  answered…5 days

Government should increase environmental regulations to prevent climate change, only if there is specific, cheap source of energy for the business and provides more incentives for using technology to have high production with lower carbon emissions

@946WBJS from Michigan answered…5 days

Yes, but not while crippling entire industries. A sensical transition must be made.

@946VNHS from Florida answered…5 days

No the US is doing above and beyond to deduce climate change it is other governments that are not doing enough.


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