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@4LNXRJ5from North Carolina  answered…2yrs

No. Test the legislators, congress critters, and others advocating this. Welfare recipients don't get enough money for a coke habit, unlike congress.

@4MRQM7Sfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

No, not if they have kids, the kids need to eat, maybe have more WIC programs, so the kids have food, but there is not as much fraud. Create more security so the food benefits can not be sold or traded. If the food is delivered straight to the house, is best scenario for the kids.

@4NF9ZQ5from Illinois  answered…2yrs

No. what does being on welfare have anything to do with being on drugs. oh im sorry you got a addiction problem, you can't get a job because you have a criminal history and you can't be on welfare because we don't allow it. have fun dying.

@4LN6K2Tfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

@4NLQP44from Wisconsin  answered…2yrs

Too expensive. Legalize drugs and put the money towards education kids on the dangers instead of locking people up. Look at cigarettes for example.

@4LN5YY3from West Virginia  answered…2yrs

I have experienced, personally, the people who abuse these benefits. I've worked at a convenience store in a very small town, watching people waste $40 on snack foods with an EBT/SNAP card. The $40 they spend there could buy them $70 or more in groceries, instead of the hours worth of junk-food they purchased when they enter glassy-eyed, slurring their speech, or scratching/tremoring so hard they have trouble swiping a card and entering their PIN on a keypad. These people are taking away VITAL resources from their families that NEED them, to fuel or sustain their own habits. Should we

@4MSM4XBfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

First time offenders put on probation. Second chance you lose your children and benefits.

@4MV46D7from Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

Random testing would be a deterrent and a more workable solution. Largely testing has shown a very low amount of drug users among welfare recipients.

@4NJD4D6from Wisconsin  answered…2yrs

@4LMM6DWfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

Drug use happens because the user is most likely using to escape some sort of hell, be it economic, or psychological. If they are on welfare, they should be receiving counseling anyway and through this, their drug use will be uncovered if it isn't obvious.

I feel a complete physical would be necessary. If drug use is discovered, counseling will have some issues to deal with. It often is psychological.

In Portugal, drugs are legal. This has made addiction rate drop drmatically, and it eliminated the lure of big profits to be made by dealing an illegal substance. A lot of users depend on sales so that they can afford to use... eliminate the profit, give th career counseling and job training... and like Portugal, make all drugs legal.

@4LKLRYCfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

YES. If you lack the means of survival and you are asking me to support your failure to thrive, then I have the right to ask you why you are not able to thrive. I have no right to ask any individual to take a drug test, unless they are asking me for money. I am not demanding a drug test. I am simply stating that I will not entertain supporting your inadequacy until such time that you offer me a full understanding of why you are incompetent to self exist.

@4XR3YWHfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Yes, test anyone receiving money from the government including employees and politicians with exceptions for medically prescribed and legitimately followed prescriptions. Information on treatment could be provided for those who are repeat offenders receiving benefits.

@4LKT946from Northern Mariana Islands  answered…2yrs

@4LP6B2Nfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

Yes, test every adult in the recipients home. Terminate benefits immediately, offer treatment. Treatment should include how to provide for themselves since assistance will no longer be an option.

@4NYSY74from Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

@4LNRBV7from Ohio  answered…2yrs

It's a waste of time and money. However in general the welfare system should be dismantled or eliminated... Or redesigned.... Limit of one year and anyone receiving aid needs to do volunteer work....

@4NJVR9Kfrom Georgia  answered…2yrs

No, because the sins of the mother would punish a lot of children out there.

@2762MQQfrom Nevada  answered…2yrs

As soon as executives and congress is tested, then folks on the lower rungs should as well.

@4MR35LKfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

@278D45Sfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

No. It's been tried in two states and has proven to be a waste of time, effort, and, especially, money.

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Yes, and immediately terminate benefits for anyone testing positive

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

Yes, test anyone receiving money from the government including employees and politicians

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