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@6K7XR8GGreenfrom Hawaii  answered…2yrs

Cut military spending by a lot and adopt a european tax system (denmark, finland, sweden, etc.) we would be able to afford almost every financial problem by cutting military spending.

@B4JHTSKLibertarian from Wisconsin answered…1wk

Why are property owners "punished" with more taxes when there are plenty of renters living in the country/state eating up resources?

@Daniel-Barton-Je…Libertarian from New York answered…2wks

Don’t tax the prices of products and property taxes should only be a priority based on how much money The Federal Government has and how they completely spend all of it.

@senttieeLibertarian from Virginia answered…2mos

No, eliminate the current tax system in favor of a single land tax.

@B3VG5TZConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

No, dramatically reduce government spending so property taxes can be reduced.

@9ZC43FYRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

@9LQRKPNLibertarian from Michigan answered…2yrs

Yes, but I think that the owner of the property should have a choice in how their property taxes are spent and directed.

@9LGRWHVWomen’s Equality from California answered…2yrs

@9KYKLPMVeteran from South Carolina answered…2yrs

@9KT9TS8Libertarian from Georgia answered…2yrs

@9KCPVQXSocialist from Texas answered…2yrs

I would only favor income and non necessities commodities based tax system in lieu of property tax to prevent homelessness.

@9KBL37KConstitution from California answered…2yrs

No taxes except for temporary voted on projects and goals. Taxing can be a form of theft when the taxes line pockets of leaders and certain constituents who influence laws to benefit them. That goes from corporations to welfare

@9JV3F3GSocialist from California answered…2yrs

No, an increased sales tax disproportionately affects lower income individuals in favor of cutting taxes for already higher income individuals

@9JFHCJPTranshumanist from Texas answered…2yrs

@9J99PY8Democrat from New York answered…2yrs

I feel that both should be abolished and a universal tax should be enforced but I also feel that property tax should be regulated based on annual income, therefore I am unsure on my decision.

@9HYZH3RGreen from Texas answered…2yrs

No I prefer abolish property tax and replace it with land value tax. Reduce sales tax.

@cjfvanmRepublican from Nebraska answered…2yrs

@9HQYXQYVeteran from Arizona answered…2yrs

This does not apply to the federal level of government as there is no federal property tax and means that the relevance of the question is not important to the conversation.

@slynch91Libertarianfrom District of Columbia  answered…2yrs

@9H9PV7FSocialist from Indiana answered…2yrs

Replace all federal revenues with the Automated Payment Transaction Tax

@9H9J6F2Greenfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

@9H7DT2BWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…2yrs

@9H5PYKQIndependent from Utah answered…2yrs

Property taxes should be adjusted for what services each household actually uses.

@9H2D6LVWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2yrs

I feel that I do not know enough about this topic to contribute an answer.

@9GZW9HVConstitution from Texas answered…2yrs

No, eliminate property taxes to fully paid owners over 55 years old!

@R-FishVeteran from South Carolina answered…2yrs

Depends on where you live. In SC, our property taxes are low already. Needs to be left up to the states

@9GXCB7YConstitution from Kansas answered…2yrs

@9GX9JMCVeteran from California answered…2yrs

@9GW7K2SPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

no we just need to decrease military spending and increase taxes for the rich

@Peyton-WagnerSocialist from Missouri answered…2yrs

No, Sales taxes are regressive and have a greater effect on the poor

@9GSXK6PRepublican from New Jersey answered…2yrs

@9GSK496Veteran from North Carolina answered…2yrs

No, property taxes should end when you retire or become disabled. Once you can no longer provide income for yourself you should not be expected to provide it for your city, county, or state.


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