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Yes, but dramatically reduce government spending instead of raising taxes

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

No, property taxes are the most reliable and consistent form of state revenue

@5J6WQ7Ffrom Hawaii  answered…2yrs

Cut military spending by a lot and adopt a european tax system (denmark, finland, sweden, etc.) we would be able to afford almost every financial problem by cutting military spending.

@95X9K8BSocialist from Texas answered…2hrs

Yes, but tax the top 1% more instead of increasing the sales tax.

@95T7V8V from Washington answered…3 days

No, there are so many renters that are priced out of owning homes and don't qualify for property taxes because of that. Property taxes should be raised on those that rent out their property instead.

@95T33J5 from Georgia answered…3 days

Sales tax and property tax and every other tax that is is imposed is too much. Condense into one tax and go from there

@95SS9H9Libertarian from Texas answered…3 days

Abolish all forms of tax or at least make it to where citizens can choose where their taxes go

@95RFF49 from Minnesota answered…4 days

Tax based on the lot size at a reasonable value, and offset with an increase in sales tax.

@95MZ2S5 from Minnesota answered…6 days

No, property taxes should be based on the active value of the property, compensating the public for the use of the property.

@95MPYQ7 from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

No, abolish sales tax and increase property tax at a progressive rate

@Chantern15from Guam  answered…1wk

@95DNKKS from New Hampshire answered…2wks

@95C7QKF from New York answered…2wks

No, rising sales tax isn't needed to lower or eliminate property taxes

@95B37Y8 from New York answered…2wks

Property taxes and sales taxes are regressive and penalize lower income tax payers.

@9582YFKConstitution from Florida answered…3wks

One does not own property if they have to pay tribute on it. Property taxes are un-American and should be abolished.

@956V7W2Socialist from Indiana answered…3wks

@94Z4BRK from Georgia answered…3wks

Yes, and property taxes should be eliminated for single family homes

@94QVYM2 from California answered…4wks

No, taxes should not increase, in fact, ALL taxes should probably go down. A lot of taxes are used inappropriately.

@94HTLQJ from Virginia answered…1mo

@94D2J5K from Michigan answered…1mo

@94BK6JCDemocrat from California answered…1mo

No, sale taxes are regressive and hurt consumers' ability to buy goods.

@friedwingsGreen from Kansas answered…1mo

No, but property taxes should be on a sliding scale dependent on the income and expenses for the property of the taxpayer

@947HMH8 from Alabama answered…1mo

@946H6QZ from Florida answered…2mos

Property taxes, reflect the arrogance of a state and should be better managed by the education to the homeowners

@945TPF7 from Alabama answered…2mos

Yes, reduce tax rates on property for median priced and below, leave tax rates where they are for anything 30% above median price and raise rates on any property 2x median rate and drastically increase taxes on non-homestead property and second or investment properties.

@944YS7L from Washington answered…2mos

@944Z488from Maine  answered…2mos

@943VPF5 from Oregon answered…2mos

@943P77V from Texas answered…2mos

It all depends on how much property tax is being reduced. Say the government DOES reduce property taxes and increases sales taxes, if you're gonna increase sales tax, property taxes should be reduced TREMENDOUSLY. If we have to pay more for whatever we buy they can at least reduce a good percentage.

@93Z7RPZ from New York answered…2mos

No, property taxes are the only form of tax where increased tax revenue is directly tied to appropriately used tax money (roads, hospitals, services, etc.)

@93YLPTNProgressive from Texas answered…2mos

@93XXQ78 from North Carolina answered…2mos

No, abolish property taxes and replace the sales tax with a 15% consumption fee.

 Deleted answered…2mos

Yes, but reform to a flat tax, abolish all taxes except sales tax, and require payment/ tolls for use of federal services to make them self sustainable (roads, parks, postage, etc.). Tax collection funds services that can't charge (law enforcement, military, congress, etc.)

@93W42WMLibertarian from Kansas answered…2mos

@93VGSG4Socialistfrom Guam  answered…2mos

@93VGX3W from Connecticut answered…2mos

This a local municipality decision and should depend on the needs of the affected residents.


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