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@624R6YSRepublicanfrom California  answered…2yrs

Yes and all death row prisoners should give up all rights and we should use body parts of all death row convicts as needed to save the lives of law abiding citizens

@6G6WNKXRepublicanfrom Minnesota  answered…2yrs

Yes, but only for horrific crimes with undeniable evidence and the victim’s family should decide the punishment

@5XWQY5MConstitutionfrom Virginia  answered…2yrs

No. Some people deserve to die. In fact, let's expand it to include child molesters, corrupt politicians, and the jerk who steals my parking space.

@5YC46BTDemocratfrom Massachusetts  answered…2yrs

I support cruel and unusual punishment rather than the death penalty or life in prison.

@6G3JCWJGreenfrom New York  answered…2yrs

For fascists and pedophiles, but it should be done on a community-based protocol, not through the federal government.

@B4KMSGDPeace and Freedom from New York answered…3 days

No, the victim's family has the greater right to make that decision.

@B4K78G2Women’s Equality from Indiana answered…4 days

@B4HTRGQGreen from Wisconsin answered…1wk

No, unless the criminal committed a mass atrocity, such as genocide or mass murder. International law must be implemented in international cases, such as war criminal trials.

@B49S7Z7Aam Aadmi Partyfrom New Jersey  answered…4wks

Yes, but only for horrific crimes with undeniable evidence. But we can have No, because I think spending life in prison is a harsher sentence BUT they may escape and if they are very dangerous criminals that's bad.

@B48WTM6Working Family from Montana answered…1mo

depending what what they did but the death penalty shouldn't be an option its just an easy way out

@B47VKN8Communist from Minnesota answered…1mo

No, the government should not have the power over life and death

@B47QR6RDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

No, too many people are innocently convicted and justice system should work on rehabilitation instead.

@B46ZKYWLibertarian from Alabama answered…1mo

@B46XMDYWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1mo

I think it shouldn’t be allowed unless the evidence is confirmed. Simply due to the amount of innocent people that have been murdered through the death penalty

@B467SLRAmerican Solidarity from North Carolina answered…1mo

No- convicts sitting on death row is more costly to a state government than spending life in prison. The death penalty was meant to show society that the death penalty was for those who caused the most egregious crimes against society- yet too many innocent people have been put to death. The damage that the death penalty has done to society is a crime in itself, for these reasons, I couldn't support the death penalty.

@B45C97HPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Only for beyond a deniable doubt, and it should be appealed for life in prison. Too many are innocently convicted, but if they are innocent, they should be freed and the case be re investigated

@B44YCMMGreenfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…1mo

@B44FRNXRepublican from New Jersey answered…1mo

No, our detention systems are effective enough that it does not justify taking a criminal’s life in order to protect the public at-large.

@B3YT3K4Constitution from Georgia answered…1mo

Yes, but only for convicted murderers, rapists, and pedophiles.

@B3YPXK4Independent from North Carolina answered…1mo

No, both by how many innocent people are convicted as well as how much it costs compared to just spending a life sentence.

@B3V5Q3VIndependent from New Mexico answered…2mos

Yes but it needs to become a much more efficient system, the current system has a large amount of cruelty

@B3V4X6GIndependentfrom Illinois  answered…2mos

Yes,but only the cases of pederasty,human trafficking and international banking.

@B3S2TTCRepublican from Texas answered…2mos

yes, if there is murder, rape or any terrible crime committed, then the criminal should have the same punishment the victim had to endure. Eye for an eye

@DillonmezaTranshumanist from California answered…2mos

Yes, as long as it is the right person who was just accused for something that they didn’t do

@B3P5KL6Veteran from Ohio answered…2mos

Only in extreme first-degree murder cases where there is undeniable evidence and with no possibility of innocence.

@B3MF52PWomen’s Equality from Arizona answered…2mos

Life in prison with no parole seems like a better alternative.

@B3KMRJ4The Leftfrom Ohio  answered…2mos

@B3CXPWPGreen from Texas answered…2mos

I am against the death penalty, but to the extent that it continues to exist, we could look at using it as a mechanism for General Deterrence.

@9H6V899Peace and Freedom from Kansas answered…2yrs

@9H6PY2QGreen from Arizona answered…2yrs

Yes, and make the death penalty cheaper, quicker, and more effective by eliminating the appeals process and replacing lethal injections with hangings or beheadings

@9H6GLSVPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…2yrs

i think the proof has to be undeniable but having them rot in prison for life is also a very good punishment

@9GF8N39Libertarian from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

Eye for an eye - you steal, we chop off a finger. You murder someone, you die. Going to jail for violent crimes in the USA isn't a severe enough punishment and costs tax payers too much money.

@9F8LV85Progress Partyfrom Washington  answered…2yrs

no, as a pacifist i believe taking away someones life is immoral in any situation

@B4DMYCYRepublican from Illinois answered…3wks

Yes, but only for horrific crimes with undeniable evidence, but the victim's family should decide the punishment

@allenr93Democrat from Massachusetts answered…3mos

Yes, and there should be less concerns on the morality of the death to help cut prison costs.

@B38J3J9Democrat from Ohio answered…3mos

No, except for horrific crimes with undeniable evidence. Like serial killers, and those who mutilated/tortured vitims and clearly could not be more evil. Life in prison is less expensive and more miserable.

@B2YK6R8Socialistfrom Maine  answered…3mos

Life in prison is also intolerable. Both it and the death penalty should be banned (and prisons should be abolished as long as we're at it)

@PerkiLlamaPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…3mos

Yes, but only for Mario Barragan. I think the federal government should executive him via lethal injection. That would be too fitting since he loves injecting himself with chemicals.

@B2WVFZVTranshumanist from Mississippi answered…3mos

No, instead they are used as scientific tests but only for horrific crimes with undeniable evidence.

@B2TMMB2Republican from Texas answered…3mos

No because when you kill people they go to heaven so why should we send a killer to heaven

@B2R28XVIndependent from Louisiana answered…3mos

No, the government should not have the ability to execute people

@B2Q79TCVeteran from Texas answered…3mos

@B2NNYQ6Progressive from Illinois answered…4mos

Only when the crime is horrific and they have undeniable evidence that the person did it.

@B2NGLNKTranshumanist from Pennsylvania answered…4mos

If it is that bad, let the person choose to die or spend life in prison

@B2N55YRConstitution from Alabama answered…4mos

No, we don’t have the right to choose who lives and who dies

@B2F3XWPPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…4mos

No, sentencing death is too easy but their should be more punishment then just life in prison. Torture.


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