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Yes, but by drastically reducing the benefits and salaries of government officials

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@8W6XWGK from Colorado answered…1yr

@96723L8Socialist from Iowa answered…21hrs

No, increase taxes on wealthy and multinational corporations instead. Reduce military spending also.

@966V3QH from Michigan answered…1 day

No, reduce unneeded government officials instead and focus on ending tax evasion.

@966JJ65 from Ohio answered…1 day

@966G5GP from New York answered…1 day

@965YL77 from New York answered…2 days

Cut public spending but make an informed decision about which programs to cut using statistics.

@Dowlinga1 from Wisconsin answered…2 days

Yes, but drastically reduce the benefits and salaries of government officials and abolish unconstitutional agencies.

@965TRJ3Socialist from Washington answered…2 days

Multiple answers above together I think. Woman's agencies like the NSA that are unconstitutional, increase taxes on the rich and on large multinational corporations. Funding should be increased to social programs.

@965RCV5 from Texas answered…2 days

@Elyry from Missouri answered…2 days

@9659V6QIndependent from Washington answered…2 days

@964QFGTIndependent from Michigan answered…3 days

Yes, use block grants and other grant reforms to decrease spending in this area (and give states more rights to how they solve problems in areas they are meant to be solving)

@963R9B9 from Connecticut answered…5 days

Redistribute funds to allow for more funding towards research into green energy, better transportation, and infrastructure. Make sure these initiatives are not run or elected by politicians but by those in the field. This will increase the number of jobs and help the country in the long run. Reduce/cut spending outside of the US

@963PCJQ from Washington answered…5 days

 @The-Progressive-… from Kentucky answered…5 days

Defund the military, abolish the police, increase taxes on the rich, eliminate all loopholes and deductions for the rich, implement a wealth tax, issue unexplained wealth orders, increase the property tax, increase the capitol gains tax, implement a luxury goods tax

@962P28F from Nevada answered…6 days

@96239BCfrom Guam  answered…7 days

No, increase taxes on wealthy and focus on ending tax evasion instead.

@95ZZTZK from Nebraska answered…7 days

Yes but do it by auditing to remove corruption, embezzlement, bad contracts, and waste. Also auction off no longer needed items to replace money.

@95ZY9SG from Wisconsin answered…7 days

@95YXM3LRepublican from Florida answered…1wk

No, don't decrease domestic spending, instead eliminate foreign spending.

@95YSC2G from Indiana answered…1wk

yes, by drastically reducing the benefits and salaries of government officials along with making it a federal crime to accept money or "bribes" from lobbyists to sway their votes and reduce military spending along with increasing the taxes on the rich and ending tax evasion. which will in turn reduce the number of people running for government positions.

@95YQVLF from New York answered…1wk

No, instead raise taxes on the wealthy, eliminate wasteful and unneeded federal agencies, end tax evasion, reduce military spending, and cut government officials and their pay.

@95Y7FKQLibertarian from Iowa answered…1wk

Yes, if the spending isn't providing for the national good of the United States.

@95Y342T from Kansas answered…1wk

I think we need to cut out the Unessecary thing we spend on and reallocate that to more important things.

@949QRLD from Wisconsin answered…1wk

@95XTKN2from New York  answered…1wk

No, reduce in many other areas of spending such as police, military, etc

@95XQV3L from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

For lowering the national debt, I feel like lowering the focus on the military and tax evasion of the rich is better than cutting public spending.

@95XM9YD from Kansas answered…1wk

Yes the government should reduce public spending AND tax corporations, end tax fraud and close loopholes as well as taxing the wealthy more

@95XL42H from Colorado answered…1wk

Get rid of the Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking, and all centralized banks

@95WNTNVSocialist from Illinois answered…1wk

No, instead increase taxes on the wealthy and large multinational corporations and reduce military spending

@95WF5BF from New Jersey answered…1wk

@95VJH9M from North Carolina answered…2wks

No, but cut down on unneeded items and spending also close loopholes on taxes

@95V8QQNfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2wks

No, reduce military spending, increase taxes on the wealthy, reduce the number of government officials, and increase taxes on large multinational corporations instead

@95V3FWC from Maine answered…2wks

No, reduce military spending, increase taxes on wealthy instead, and reduce salaries of government officials

@95T3D38 from New Jersey answered…2wks


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