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@9X7YXHLPeace and Freedom from Colorado answered…9mos

Yes, but only where there is unnecessary spending in public funds.

@B4LFC9HLibertarian from Texas answered…4 days

The government should not be spending money on things we cant afford, focus on americans and not other countries that will help the debt

@B4K6MMWSocialist from Virginia answered…7 days

The government should divert funds away from programs that do not produce an increase in GDP towards ones that do, like jobs programs.

@B4JLRZVReform from Tennessee answered…1wk

No, cuts to public spending will negatively affect the economy, and increase taxes on large multinational corporations, reduce the number of government officials, increase taxes on the wealthy, focus on ending tax evasion, reduce military spending, drastically reduce the benefits and salaries of government officials, and eliminate federal agencies that are unconstitutional.

@B3P5KL6Veteran from Ohio answered…2mos

Reduce spending across much of the board, all while increasing some taxes and decreasing others. It is tricky but we must eventually find a way.

@B3N6SX5Veteran from North Carolina answered…2mos

Yes, and the government should take into account programs not actively being used by the American people.

@B3KZ5X3Constitution from Illinois answered…2mos

Yes by eliminating unconstitutional agencies and committees and cutting benefits and salaries of government officials. Political positions were not supposed to be lifelong careers but voluntary work aside from their careers.

@B3CXPWPGreen from Texas answered…2mos

Not necessary because the United States is a nation with ample assets. We actually borrow in our own currency.

@9S6852DGreen from Michigan answered…1yr

We need more evidence based solutions and oversight, but yes, maintain services - more cuts to military

@9S5DXJSGreen from Virginia answered…1yr

No, decrease military spending and raise taxes on the rich instead.

@9S3SN8SRepublican from New York answered…1yr

Eliminate politician's benefits, decrease military spending, end tax evasion and raise taxes on multinational companies.

@9S3DXPHLibertarian from Florida answered…1yr

Yes, eliminate unconstitutional agencies, policies and spending that is wasteful.

@9S36VW6Women’s Equality from Michigan answered…1yr

Yes, but by drastically reducing the benefits and salaries of government officials and reduce military spending

@9RT6BMLLibertarian from Nevada answered…1yr

Yes. Eliminate federal agencies and bureaucracies and the government entirely. Taxation is theft. All taxation is wrong and should end.

@9RPBXPHVeteran from New York answered…1yr

Eliminate politician's Benefits, decrease military spending, end tax evasion and increase taxes on multinational companies

@9RNHPLMTranshumanist from Colorado answered…1yr

Combination of reducing excessive military spending, ending tax loopholes for corporations and individuals and increase taxes on super wealthy (top 1%)

@9RLRY3DPopulist from Utah answered…1yr

The government should reduce wasteful spending, get rid of tax loopholes, and reduce spending on foreign wars.

@9RL29ZBLibertarian from Michigan answered…1yr

No. Tax the ultra rich, increase taxes on huge corporations, eliminate all the tax loopholes they exploit, reduce/eliminate all the extra bonuses/benefits government officials get, AND reduce military spending.

@9RKDSYKSocialist from Oregon answered…1yr

Yes, and increase taxes on the wealthy and corporations, reduce military spending, eliminating unconstitutional federal agencies, and crack down on tax evasion

@Lolang1Republican from New York answered…1yr

No, but reduce the salaries of government officials and their benefits.

@Jackson-WaltersCommunist from Kentucky answered…1yr

Yes, and completely reorganize the government to better benefit society.

@9RGX7PXPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…1yr

Reduce military spending, tax the wealthy, and tax corporations more instead.

@9RC4TM5Women’s Equality from Texas answered…1yr

yes, but for public spending that's outdated and no longer serving its intended goals.

@9R7ML7GConstitution from Michigan answered…1yr

Eliminate all unconstitutional federal agencies, stop all foreign aid spending, reduce taxes, and gut all public welfare spending allowing for the free market to take hold which is the most effective solution.

@9R5SX3VPeace and Freedom from Nebraska answered…1yr

Decrease Federal spending on things not supported by the people - Ex. World issues - focus more on our own people and spend only on what we as the people wish to spend on globally

@9R2QD2RPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

No, we should increase taxes on the wealthy and corporations and reduce the amounts of officials.

@9QWS3JZGreen from Illinois answered…2yrs

No, austerity kills, reform taxes on companies and rich along with cutting non-public focused spending such as the military

@9QSWWWCPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…2yrs

there should be no monetary currency system and no private property. all public property should be provided by the community.

@9QRTP9BPeace and Freedom from California answered…2yrs

No, my opinion is that there are several avenues that could withstand cuts before we approach public goods. (ie. Military). or we could tax offshore accounts who "hide" their money in other countries with less stringent tax laws.

@9QQW2YSWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…2yrs

I'm sure the government currently funds programs I would like to cancel or reduce and other that probably need more funding. This question is too vague to be effective.

@9QQQTV5Libertarian from Missouri answered…2yrs

End tax evasion, Cut the earnings of government officials, cut any unnecessary spending and see what happens

@9QJ99C8Peace and Freedom from GU answered…2yrs

Reduce military spending, increase tax on the wealthy and on large multinational corporations.

@9QG6K82Women’s Equality from Illinois answered…2yrs

No, the country should work with the government to fix said problem without trying to limit economy and the money of it's people.

@9Q86M3ZIndependent from Missouri answered…2yrs

this is too general of a question, and relies on too many assumptions in order to answer.

@9Q74LZSPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…2yrs

No, decrease military spending and increase taxes on the rich instead.

@9Q37Y8DRepublican from Connecticut answered…2yrs

Aside from increasing taxes on multinational corporations, ensuring efficiency at all levels of government, and raising taxes on the wealthy, the government should issue bonds whenever it desires to undertake a project. In essence, other than taxation, the government should "crowd fund" projects as well.

@9PV9WBCGreenfrom PR  answered…2yrs

No, but public spending should be reevaluated and redirected

@9PR6XWHPeace and Freedom from Alabama answered…2yrs

No, increase taxes on the wealthy 1% and the large multinational corporations they run instead.

@9PPWDBLWomen’s Equality from California answered…2yrs

No, Reduce military spending and cut government officials pay and benefits

@9PLW9X2Socialist from Ohio answered…2yrs

Increase the minimum wage to $15+ and then tax 5 cents of that amount for 15$ and increase by 1/4 cent every dollar.

@9PGTR59Transhumanist from Oklahoma answered…2yrs

Yes, when necessary. Cutting spending isn't a complete response. Eliminating wasteful spending and increasing incoming revenues should take priority of cutting spending.

@9PFMH9WWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…2yrs

No, increase taxes on wealthy/big corporations and reduce military spending

@9NYT4ZYRepublican from Oregon answered…2yrs

Yes, but reduce taxes, and justify the needs over the wants

@9NV7H4RWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…2yrs

No, instead reallocate public spending to prioritize better and reduce salaries of government officials.

@9NDQFTBLibertarian from Georgia answered…2yrs

No, reduce money spent on the military and increase taxes of on the wealthy and multinational corporations.


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