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@9F97CSQAam Aadmi Partyfrom Illinois  answered…2yrs

Both are important because public sector is useful for low income families. The private sector can be for people who can afford it.

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@9V397H3Independentfrom Guam  answered…1yr

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@9QPSGQ9Marxist Communist Partyfrom New York  answered…2yrs

A measured balance would be a hood idea moving ahead to reduce this private/public polarity.

@9QKKKSHBharatiya Janata Partyfrom Oregon  answered…2yrs

Set up lucrative partnerships with private businesses and build world quality facilities and healthcare.

@9PKPBFQBharatiya Janata Partyfrom Oregon  answered…2yrs

The Govt should mandate that the working populace set aside funds in order to purchase a stake in a National Healthcare Provident. Primarily Public with significant Private influence.

@9LS34SGAam Aadmi Partyfrom Guam  answered…2yrs

Public healthcare in a big nation like ours is a must but since it means limited funds, Private healthcare have a role of their own to improve & produce new ways which Public ones don't have much of a chance to do


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