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@945QWR7 from Wisconsin answered…5hrs

Yes but only after making measurable progress on cleaning up government corruption.

@945G4CP from Alabama answered…2 days

It's their decision, not mine. Ukraine should do what it thinks is best for the country, not what the US wants.

@944YS7L from Washington answered…3 days

@944TRGFProgressive from California answered…4 days

@944QFY8 from Georgia answered…4 days

@944BLWW from Michigan answered…5 days

Yes, as long as the join does not possess a threat to the safety of citizens.

@94482B6American Solidarity from Ohio answered…6 days

Only If NATO Is No Longer An alliance with the purpose for waging wars

@maxwellcthompson from Ohio answered…1wk

Not until the war is over and it has control over its borders. Otherwise the NATO countries would be obliged to join the war

@9432S4FSocialist from Virginia answered…1wk

@942V4PT from Florida answered…1wk

No, because Ukraine is not a democracy and has a questionable record regarding human rights

@942QMVW from Arkansas answered…1wk

Yes, and NATO should become worldwide and more countries should join

@942LC8R from Indiana answered…2wks

Yes, but after they are at peace with Russia and aren't a Russian puppet.

@93ZZYD9from Maine  answered…2wks

@ljvigni from Ohio answered…2wks

A country should be able to make its own decisions free from outside pressure.

@93XBRCP from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

No, Ukraine should probably stop murdering kids. Maybe they wouldn't get attacked.

@8XTK7FN from Massachusetts answered…3wks

The U.S. government doesn't have any control over Ukraine's foreign policy decisions, so this is completely irrelevant to the metrics this quiz measures.

@7PQFGH3Libertarian from Washington answered…3wks

Yes, if Ukraine wants to join & NATO member countries approve their petition.

@93VBMTHIndependent from Maine answered…4wks

No, Ukraine's accession to NATO will escalate Russia-NATO relations to the brink of WW3

@Landon7204from Massachusetts  answered…4wks

@93TM9HZ from Ohio answered…4wks

If any country wants to join NATO and meets said requirements they should be allowed to join regardless of strings attached.

@92X5HLD from California answered…4wks

I think it is best for Ukraine to not join NATO but the U.S. should stay neutral on this issue.

@5Z8DMCG from Tennessee answered…4wks

No, but we should support Ukraine as much as possible short of triggering a direct war with Russia.

 @JoeStephens999Independent from Alaska answered…4wks

Not now, at some point in the future. When things have cooled down.

@93RNRK6 from New Jersey answered…1mo

@93RLY95 from New York answered…1mo

This is none of our business what other countries do. If Ukraine wants to join that is up to them.

@93R66JC from Nebraska answered…1mo

@ConnorSHLibertarian from Arkansas answered…1mo

Yes, if voted in agreement by the Verkhovna and current NATO states

@93Q96ZL from Texas answered…1mo

I don’t care, but probably yes since we are giving them so much money in Aid


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