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@95WWJ6D from Virginia answered…4hrs

@95WSP45 from Washington answered…10hrs

Yes, but only during extreme circumstances such as emerging pandemics.

@95WPRMN from Oklahoma answered…15hrs

@95VJSZF from Maryland answered…2 days

Yes, but must follow proper data security and privacy practices, including not sharing the information outside of the business

@95TYJJX from West Virginia answered…2 days

@95TF49P from Texas answered…3 days

@95TDG7T from Washington D.C. answered…3 days

@95SXTX2 from Montana answered…3 days

They have a 1st Amendment right to ask, but no right at all to the answer.

@95RJLF5Progressive from Washington answered…3 days

Yes, as long as people are allowed an alternative option, as private companies should not hold private medical information over social functions.

@95RR9H6Socialist from New Hampshire answered…4 days

Vaccination should be mandatory for entering a school or working at a job, and should be free of charge.

@95RFMQC from Utah answered…4 days

Depending on what the business is and whether or not being unvaccinated would pose a risk to other people.

 @Odin-Vex from New York answered…4 days

Yes, but only to turn away those who can be vaccinated but are refusing vaccination

@95RDDDJ from Texas answered…4 days

No, people have the right to their privacy and personal business.

@95RBPH6 from Massachusetts answered…4 days

Yes; and if this is offensive to the community, that business will suffer the consequences of its actions.

@95P8DLX from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

@95P5VY5 from Missouri answered…5 days

no, because no one can ask about medical things. those are private, and you should have to reveal that.

@95NWS4G from Washington answered…5 days

@95NV6M2 from Washington D.C. answered…6 days

@95MZMNRDemocrat from Minnesota answered…6 days

@95MZ9QZ from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

depends on what the vaccination is for, and the danger it'll pose

@95MX97Y from Georgia answered…6 days

Yes, private business have the right to choose their customers, and if they don't want unvaccinated customers, that's their business.

@95MPDN8Green from Virginia answered…6 days

It depends on the service and situation provided by the business.

@95LZ4CTRepublican from Virginia answered…7 days

No, unless a person working there has complications with their immune system

@95LYPDX from Kansas answered…7 days

@95LDG7T from Indiana answered…1wk

@95LD6ZG from California answered…1wk

@Chantern15from Guam  answered…1wk

@95K42BPDemocrat from North Carolina answered…1wk

No, but it should also not be illegal to do so. This is more a problem with how we treat people that need to stay home due to even just the common cold, especially employees.

@95J7KWV from Kentucky answered…2wks

@95HBR66Independent from Wisconsin answered…2wks

@95GQDD6 from Colorado answered…2wks

Yes, but should not mandate the vaccine if people don't want to get it.

@95GNM29 from Texas answered…2wks

@95GMMJTWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…2wks

I believe they should but only if it’s important to the company, including social companies and a company with many people in one place

@95GJGT5 from Colorado answered…2wks

Yes. While I do not agree with forcing it, a private business has all the right towards asking for vaccination status.

@95G62KN from Michigan answered…2wks

@95DTHDYLibertarian from West Virginia answered…2wks

@95DLK8S from Ohio answered…2wks

@95D9K7V from Washington answered…2wks

they should be allowed to ask but the customers should not be required to answer


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