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@945YWRV from Wisconsin answered…5hrs

No, and the IMF/World Bank should be abolished as they are vastly used as weapons against other nations to coerce them into following our imperial/capitalist agenda.

@945RNV8 from California answered…23hrs

@9455B9BConstitution from New Jersey answered…3 days

Yes, we need to think about the people in the country who are suffering from starvation

@9454CH7 from New York answered…3 days

Lift sanctions and allow the de-facto government of Afghanistan to access its foreign-held assets

@944Y77Y from Texas answered…3 days

Yes, but only if the Taliban establishes a democratic mode of government

@944F39V from Arizona answered…5 days

No, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund should be tried as aiding and abetting a terrorist organization

@9446BLJ from New York answered…6 days

@94447G4 from Michigan answered…6 days

Yes, but they should also gain the right to make sure that these funds are given to the people who are in need for it.

@9443BS7 from Kentucky answered…6 days

@943QHX3 from Georgia answered…1wk

@943MN9T from New Jersey answered…1wk

@943HG9Q from Michigan answered…1wk

@9439RZH from Oklahoma answered…1wk

@94339W2 from New Jersey answered…1wk

@9432S4FSocialist from Virginia answered…1wk

Yes, but its usage should be tracked and controlled to ensure it is used primarily for humanitarian purposes

@942WNWS from New York answered…1wk

Yes, refusing to provide aid will lead to the suffering of untold Afghan civilians

@942VH2Yfrom New York  answered…1wk

No, and provide financial aid to Anti-Taliban insurgent groups instead

@942L4VNIndependent from Tennessee answered…2wks

No, but find a different way to support the citizens of Afghanistan.

@9429ZGT from Texas answered…2wks

@94267X2 from Colorado answered…2wks

No and abolish both the world bank and the international monetary fund

@independent.beli… from California answered…2wks

@93ZF2M2from Guam  answered…2wks

Yes and only with implementation of national laws governing the rights of women for education, freedom of movement, etc.

@93YQ8YW from Texas answered…2wks

Yes, but in moderation at first and have considerable restrictions on how to use those funds such as, not being used on military funding but for public services, infrastructure, education and fundamental healthcare

@93YQ624 from Florida answered…2wks

Yes, but the Taliban government must agree to codes of human rights which they must then strictly abide by

@93YLYBFSocialist from Florida answered…2wks

Yes, but only if the Taliban government agrees to the implementation of clear guides protecting individuals' human rights and those guides are strictly adhered to

@93GS9ZW from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

@93YHGKV from Virginia answered…2wks

No, but we should give aid to any and all groups that rise up against the Taliban from among the Afghan populace.

@93Y9LP7 from Maine answered…2wks

That is not the decision of any individual government. That is a decision to be made solely by the leadership at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. It is up to them to decide the legitimacy of the Taliban government.

@93Y8TNY from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

@93Y6JGY from Ohio answered…2wks

@93XYF2YWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…3wks

@93XY7JR from Washington answered…3wks

@93X65MM from Virginia answered…3wks

No, Terrorism should not be rewarded and definitely not monetized

@YiddKidd from Rhode Island answered…3wks

Only medical supplies, food and shelter should be provided. No financial aid

@7DZYGMM from Washington answered…3wks

No, no monetary donations for the Taliban. Only food, medicine, and materials for the people of Afghanistan.

@93WW549Republican from Arizona answered…3wks

Yes, but only if UN Peacekeepers, including American, British, French, and Australian troops are allowed to oversee use of the aid provided and any Afghans willing to flee the country are allowed to do so

@93WT9P6 from North Carolina answered…3wks

Yes, we should give them their money back to prevent famine and poverty

@93WFRZH from California answered…3wks

No, the Taliban is an illegitimate government and will abuse funds

@93WCQ46 from Virginia answered…3wks

@93WBTK6Republican from New York answered…3wks

No, thats sending money to a terrorist group that killed our men and women.


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