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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8mos

Yes, and create more social programs to provide free food, clothing, and medicine

@945YF9T from Tennessee answered…4mins

Yes, Only if they are complaining about not getting help. If they want to struggle on the streets and continue their life and build it up from there more on them. However we can't have people sleeping in public areas if the area that they are sleeping in is already crammed and full with people.

@945YC9J from Arizona answered…11mins

Its a bit of a more or less situation. If you see a homeless person, just mind your business. It isn't that hard.

@945Y6ZD from Georgia answered…21mins

Im stuck in between yes or no. Yes because they deserve somewhere to stay but no because they refused in the first place

@945XXSM from Texas answered…37mins

I respect that their in the hot sun asking for money, but I honestly believe it'd be better to find a minimum wage job ] or even landscaping it pays pretty good.

@945XM4N from Kansas answered…55mins

Heavily insist them to seek a local homeless shelter but don’t force them to.

@945X9GPWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…1hr

No, because people all ready have stereotypes on homeless people so having them be in public property may make people uncomfortable.

@945X6XD from Minnesota answered…2hrs

We should provide spaces for tent communities that are limited in number of residents throughout the metro. We should create jobs of caretakers and be open to promoting from incredible individuals from within those communities themselves.

@945X2S6Veteran from North Carolina answered…2hrs

Yes as long as it doesn't interfere with pedestrian and tourist traffic.

@945VVZY from Georgia answered…3hrs

As long as its private property like next to the highway. If its at someones home, it shouldn't be okay.

@945TNHQ from Georgia answered…5hrs

Depends on the persons situation of being homeless and where they are staying

@945S9TF from Louisiana answered…9hrs

@945S49Gfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…10hrs

@945QQXM from Wisconsin answered…14hrs

Make designated legal public sleep/encamp areas with safety patrol, first aid, public bathroom and outreach services nearby

@945QP7R from Michigan answered…15hrs

Yes, current shelter options for homeless people are often unsafe or ineffective for the number of people that need to be assisted. We should increase funding or reform current funding to better support homeless people.

@945Q5P9 from Maine answered…15hrs

@945PQSX from California answered…16hrs

@945NZQL from Tennessee answered…17hrs

Provided the shelter offered is safe and adequate, no. Also, create more social programs so being unhoused would be extremely rare. If there is a major encampment in a city, the city needs to look at its policies.

@945NHX4 from Illinois answered…19hrs

@945N2ZK from Oregon answered…19hrs

Yes, as long as their presence doesn't comprise the safety of people or the surrounding environment

@945MW3WIndependent from California answered…20hrs

@945KK26 from Arizona answered…23hrs

@945KG7QPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…23hrs

I think they should be able to sleep on public property to an extent. If they aren't bothering anybody and aren't taking up space to where they are blocking anything, I don't see a problem with that.

@945KFNFIndependent from Washington answered…23hrs

@945JZRL from Georgia answered…24hrs

If they would do so in a way that wouldn't affect the business's traffic.

@945HBFP from New Mexico answered…1 day

If, like children, they're not competent to make decisions or care for themselves, arrange supervised living arrangements; asylums, halfway houses, &c.

@5Q4RMQJDemocratfrom Florida  answered…1 day

No, but music to create more social programs to provide the right support.

@945GP9RPeace and Freedom from Tennessee answered…1 day

If they have refused help and the property owner disagrees, then no. There shouldnt be a fine.

@945GJR2from Virgin Islands  answered…1 day

@945GGXJ from North Carolina answered…1 day

Only if you have a good reason and have prrof i think that if the individuals house got burned down or somthing to make them to the point there living off the streets for somthing not their fault.

@945FYRN from Mississippi answered…1 day

Yes, but in some areas when you have more homeless and more and more keep coming in, the city itself will slowly go corrupt.

@945FK34 from Georgia answered…1 day

yes as long as they are not disturbing the people or the area around them.

@945FJFS from Georgia answered…1 day

@945FHJ5 from Georgia answered…1 day

there should be better options for the homeless besides a shelter or public we should have more resources for them

@945FFCBRepublican from Connecticut answered…1 day

@945D5P8 from California answered…1 day

Designate city or county areas for them to safely encamp while creating social programs to provide free food, clothing, medicine, and mental health care.

@945CX68 from Arizona answered…1 day

@945C8BK from Missouri answered…2 days

So far, the homeless people I’ve met haven’t been offered housing and there is not enough places for them to go…so if not on public land, where should they go when there’s no where else to sleep? So we make them criminals for existing? WWJD? For real?!

@945BPTL from Florida answered…2 days

@945B7P8 from Missouri answered…2 days

@9459NMB from Washington answered…2 days

If they are in the woods and are not causing any trouble, it should be acceptible. If they are in the city, no.


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