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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...12mos

No, I think businesses should require vaccination but not by government mandate

@966W5XR from Pennsylvania answered…16mins

No, why get vaccinated if you can still get Covid anyway so it shouldn’t matter.

@966VYVR from Illinois answered…25mins

@966V3QH from Michigan answered…1hr

No, the companies should require it but it should not be a government mandate.

@966V366 from Virginia answered…1hr

I think they should require the vaccine in most cases, but not by government mandate. Exceptions would be for people who have experienced adverse side effects

@966T6TS from California answered…2hrs

@966SW7R from Texas answered…2hrs

I believe that the government should only require the COVID vaccination only if you have autoimmune problems due to how it affects the system, as well as, the targeted age brackets, who would be affected due to their immune system( young children and 65+ adults ).

@966S8LQ from Nevada answered…3hrs

@966RWTB from Idaho answered…3hrs

no it should be like school vaccinations and you don't have to force them but highly encouraged

@966QXVR from Texas answered…3hrs

Yes but if the person is allergic to the vaccine or it goes against their religion then they shouldn't be required to get the shot.

@966QQSX from Wisconsin answered…3hrs

@966QDMFWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…4hrs

I believe that people should become vaccinated against COVID, but people should also have their bodily autonomy granted and be able to make decisions about their own body.

@966Q9T8 from Tennessee answered…4hrs

I believe in the power of choice so I say no, but if your not vaccinated, just do your best to protect others. It’s the right thing to do.

@966NPK6 from Illinois answered…4hrs

@966NCSH from New York answered…5hrs

Your body your choice however the company has a say to what they want in the bussiness too

@966N8SR from Indiana answered…5hrs

No, I think being vaccinated should not be mandated at all and the decision should be up to the individuals.

@966N6P5Independent from Virginia answered…5hrs

people should have the option and be able to have a medical exemption from them

@966MS7CDemocrat from Florida answered…5hrs

I do think that being vaccinated is important for the greater good of the people but people do/ should have the right to not take the vaccine. Getting the vaccine does not necessarily mean that someone is safe from COVID.

@966MLW6 from Indiana answered…5hrs

Yes, but it depends on how dangerous COVID is going to be in the Business.

@966LTVW from Indiana answered…5hrs

No, businesses of any size should not mandate a vaccine of any kind. There is no instance where a business should, or the government.

@966L4WZ from Pennsylvania answered…5hrs

I think being vaccinated in general is a choice the consumer needs to make, along with the fact that they shouldn't be restricted or denied anything by others due to them not wanting to be vaccinated.

@966L3Y3 from Alabama answered…5hrs

No, but if a large business has employees that travel out of state and internationally the company should require them to get a vaccine but not the government

@966KNGP from New Jersey answered…5hrs

yes but that's just because they arelike full grown and can make their own decisions.

@966KN2W from Florida answered…5hrs

@966K6G4 from Pennsylvania answered…6hrs

No, people and businesses should decide if they want their workers vaccinated not the government

@966JQ9XPeace and Freedom from Georgia answered…6hrs

@966HWWR from Colorado answered…6hrs

Businesses should not require it unless its important to the field (Like Nurses or doctors)

@966HRWLIndependent from New York answered…6hrs

Yes, but only if the vaccine wouldn't harm them, it should not be given to immune-compromised individuals.

@966HRD3Socialist from California answered…6hrs

I think vaccination should be mandatory unless it is truly a life or death situation. Some people just can't get vaccinated. If you are allergic to any substances within it for example, then there should be at least some understanding on the concept.

@966HM3TWomen’s Equality from California answered…6hrs

no, but there should be other things that come into play ex wearing mask

@966GJRFRepublican from Arizona answered…6hrs

They should have their own regulations whether be tested, or have the vaccination

@966F8WW from Michigan answered…7hrs

They should be able to decide if they want to get it or not, the company should not have to force people who don't want it to get it in order to keep their jobs.

@966F2ST from Minnesota answered…7hrs

@966DHXD from Nevada answered…7hrs

Yes unless it's against your beliefs. If it is, take more caution than others

@966DGZ6Women’s Equality from Idaho answered…7hrs

No one should make anyone make a decision like that unless it risks the life's of others.

@966D3M8 from New York answered…7hrs

@966CSLF from Idaho answered…7hrs

@966BNRB from Michigan answered…8hrs


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