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@8Y62YT4 from Arizona answered…8mos

 @SamLindler97 from South Carolina answered…8mos

Yes, unless they have a history of breathing issues or prone to panic attacks.

@8Y5N5F2 from Georgia answered…8mos

Yes, but instead of a cotton mask, enforce gas masks or better yet, a full body suit. Or just let nature take it’s course with humans.

@8Y5K577Independent from Ohio answered…8mos

No, they should recommend non vaccinated peoples to wear them. People have a choice.

@8Y5JWDW from Texas answered…8mos

@8Y5JBX8Socialist from Illinois answered…8mos

@8Y5J8J7from Montana  answered…8mos

No, masks have been quite literally proven ineffective against aerosolized pathogens.

@8Y5CT3L from California answered…8mos

I believe if the majority of a public space wants it to be mask on then it should be regulated. But if the majority of a public space does not want it the it does not need to be regulated. I also believe that vaccines should not be regulated unless an individual wants it.

@8Y59X3T from Iowa answered…8mos

No, the federal government should recommend but not mandate it. Leave it up to the state government running the transportation. If it is interstate, then yes there should be a mandate.

@8Y58PJ5 from Wisconsin answered…8mos

@8Y58KWL from Pennsylvania answered…8mos

@8Y56VTL from Delaware answered…8mos

@8Y56FMS from Minnesota answered…8mos

No, people are free to assesd their own risk profiles and react accordingly

@8K5FGHT from North Carolina answered…8mos

Let each state decide, but decrease emergency funding for states that choose not to mandate that masks are worn on public transit

@8Y4TL7ZIndependent from Florida answered…8mos

No , but hold accountable the ones that don't vaccinate , like pay for their own medical bills and if they cause the death of some one inderctly and can be proved they should be charged and go to jail

@8Y4L28MVeteran from Georgia answered…8mos

Similar to rationing during WWII, I think the Federal government should only be able to enforce this mandate in times of crisis or national defense.

@8Y4KQS8 from New York answered…8mos

@8Y4KCGH from Arizona answered…8mos

No, instead they should partition the public transportation to separate masked vs non masked

@8Y4BQ7R from Virginia answered…8mos

Yes, but outside of public buildings and transportation masks mandates should not exists. It's up to each individual to protect themselves.

@8Y46ZQ5 from Missouri answered…8mos

We need to do everything we can to protect the immunocompromised population. Eliminate toxins in food. Good nutrition is a critical component of resolving mental and health issues.

@8Y44KXSLibertarian from Wisconsin answered…8mos

@8Y3MLF8Libertarian from Iowa answered…8mos

local governments can decide if they want to because they fund public transportation

@8Y3K7CCRepublican from Maryland answered…8mos

@8Y3FJXG from Rhode Island answered…8mos

Yes while people still don't grasp that transmission is done by breathing, and it is the replication which causes mutation - as long as people don't realize that they could kill someone by breathing and contribute to a variant even more deadly than the original, they'll need to be made to comply with what started as a request, but it was too inconvenient for too many - they needed freedom from a piece of cloth!

@8Y2DLJS from Wisconsin answered…8mos

NO, they are not as effective as people word them to be, especially for people that have a hard time breathing.

@8XZZ5ZF from Pennsylvania answered…8mos

 @CrowWatchingJustice party member from Utah answered…8mos

No, masks should be required to be worn by people who are sick or venerable.

@8XXKXML from Iowa answered…8mos

If the person has a condition that makes it hard for them to breath with a mask on then no and same if their fully vaccinated.

@8XXBZYQ from Kansas answered…8mos

@8XWMQMC from Florida answered…8mos

@8XWJ28L from New Jersey answered…8mos

Yes, in the meantime while we mandate everyone immediately gets vaccinated.

@8XVS6XW from Wisconsin answered…8mos

@8XVHBRP from Missouri answered…8mos

@8XV5LSW from Oklahoma answered…8mos

No, the government should recommend but not mandate it. Not everyone is able to wear a mask and it is not effective.

@8XV4MK7 from Kentucky answered…8mos

Yes, unless they show proof of full vaccination but NOT by government mandate.

@mdemars88from Texas  answered…8mos

The government should recommend masks and only use mandates when the overwhelming majority of the population is at high risk.

@8XTGGHL from California answered…8mos

No. People get to make their own Covid decisions period. We get personal choice, personal responsibility, and freedom before safety.

@8XTCBWR from Mississippi answered…8mos

@8XT9DFG from New Jersey answered…8mos


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