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@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…2mos

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…2mos

Yes, when investigated, there was no evidence to indicate any sort of voter fraud

@8Y5ZCY4 from Tennessee answered…8mos

@8Y5RT7D from Pennsylvania answered…8mos

No, you had Governors changing voting laws which is unlawful. You had unsolicited mail in ballots which is acceptable to fraud. You had video proof of ballot harvesting. You had poll watchers being kicked out of counting stations. You had dominion machines flipping votes. You had the post office changing dates on ballots. Just because the courts wanted to turn their back on this doesn't mean there wasn't widespread fraud.

@8Y5P64YLibertarian from Nebraska answered…8mos

@8Y5LMVW from Georgia answered…8mos

Elections have never been conducted fairly in the United States due to super pacs and the electoral college.

@8Y5L296 from New York answered…8mos

@8Y5F868 from California answered…8mos

No, there is mounting evidence that mail in ballots caused a lot of voter fraud, not to mention cyber hacking

@8Y5CMPBConstitution from Maryland answered…8mos

No. The Mail in ballots caused too much controversy, since the election system used COVID as means of using mail on ballots. Also the media and social media purposefully blocked , deleted , and censored many key events that shape the political field.

@8Y59TWZ from Oregon answered…8mos

No, the winner was chosen correctly, but te electoral college is unfair.

@8Y57P5J from Utah answered…8mos

Yes, but the media bias and censorship pushed the boundaries of swaying the vote.

@8Y57H8Z from California answered…8mos

Yes, however, there was a lot of social media bias and censorship that harmed the election.

@8Y56FMS from Minnesota answered…8mos

@8Y4WHNZ from Indiana answered…8mos

No, I'm sure there is always some sort of back end related manipulation that we as citizens are unaware of. This stance goes for both sides since I believe neither one is better than the other.

@8Y4J2Q7 from Ohio answered…8mos

Possibly, there was too much media bias and conspiracy theories to arrive at a clear outcome

@8Y47VG3Independent from North Carolina answered…8mos

No, and the evidence of misconduct and illicit activity is overwhelming.

@8Y47S78 from Massachusetts answered…8mos

Yes but last minute changes and lack of mailing infrastructure caused an imbalance

@8Y46ZQ5 from Missouri answered…8mos


Some took advantage of COVID concerns to illegally manipulate voting procedures, which resulted in millions of constitutionally defective votes being cast.

Many places illegally denied appropriate access to poll watchers, illegally had poll watchers removed, and conducted counting in the wee hours of the morning without poll watchers, and under suspect circumstances.

Any social media bias and censorship was too much, and it was everywhere.

@8Y46BDV from California answered…8mos

@8Y3XN26 from Maryland answered…8mos

@8Y3YGTR from Maryland answered…8mos

No, many people in poor areas could not properly vote for work, COVID, or line related reasons.

@8Y3XJP5 from Montana answered…8mos

No, loads of ballots would show up randomly without notice, helping the Democrat Party.

@powertrial from Illinois answered…8mos

There are noticeable instances when fraud could have taken place.

@5GGCZFFfrom Florida  answered…8mos

No, but this does not mean the election was "stolen" or that the election as a whole was fraudulent. Many compounded factors led to the perception of institutional bias and low-level, widespread voting irregularities. Social media censorship mixed with media, entertainment, corporate, and institutional backing of one candidate created the perception of an uneven playing field. These factors compounded by last-minute voting procedure changes authorized by unconstitutional diktats, reliance on less secure voting methods, and widespread reports of unethical handling of ballots created a justifiable notion of an unfair election.

@8Y3FJXG from Rhode Island answered…8mos

The primary in Iowa? The primary in New Hampshire? Or are you asking about the general?

@8Y39BLC from New Jersey answered…8mos

No, trump repeatedly made false claims of voter fraud and republicans stopped millions of democrats from reaching the polls due to voter suppression, and so if the election was conducted fairly Biden would have won in a landslide. But even despite the election being rigged against Biden he still won. That’s how much America hates trump!

@8Y34MLB from Washington D.C. answered…8mos

@8Y2XXZL from Arizona answered…8mos

There were several accounts of voter fraud from the testing centers themselves on top of millions of dead people voting in the election and you want to say there wasn’t enough evidence of voter fraud

@8Y2XN78 from Michigan answered…8mos

Yes, but many things that media has done jeopardized the outcome.

@8Y2X8PHRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…8mos

Yes, I think in any election anywhere there is going to be people willing to break or bend the rules to let their guy win, but it only very rarely results in a different outcome than normal. I think the 2020 election was no more or less corrupt than usual.

@8Y2W278 from California answered…8mos

Yes but there was voter fraud, just not enough of it to over turn the election

@8Y2VXFJ from California answered…8mos

No, there was too much ballot closing because of 'covid' resrictions by both parties. Millons of votes were cast out due to this

@8Y2TKH6 from Texas answered…8mos

@8Y2QNZ3 from Virginia answered…8mos

No, too many irregularities and errors as well as recorded evidence of tampering with polling places as well as poll watchers being unlawfully removed or denied entrance to their assigned stations and voting laws illegally changed in some states without proper legislative proceedings

@8Y2SQ53Libertarian from South Carolina answered…8mos

@8Y2SD2D from Kentucky answered…8mos

No, the 2020 presidential election was a rigged election and was NOT conducted fairly at all. There was evidence of Trump voted ballots in the trash and all democratic voted ballots were turned in but NOT all republican voted ballots. There was A LOT of voter fraud and fake names on ballots from people who have been dead or NOT REAL. In my opinion, if someone voted early and later died; their ballot should be a spoiled ballot. If we didn't have the absentee and mail-in ballots the election would have been legit; but the 2020 election was NOT legit.

@8Y2RSRPConstitution from North Carolina answered…8mos

No, there was too much censorship, bias, fraud, and the corruption I'm the media and social media covered it up

@8Y2KY4GConstitution from Missouri answered…8mos

Probably, but it still should have been investigated further to ensure trust in America's institution

@8Y2JDW6 from Indiana answered…8mos

@BillionBux from Michigan answered…8mos

No, there was some electoral fraud but how severe it was remains unclear


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