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Yes, just like U.S. citizens, terrorists should be given a fair trial in federal courts

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No, they should be tried in military tribunals but not subject to torture

@4SQWJ65from Florida  answered…2yrs

Is this seriously in consideration? They honestly shouldn't even be considered people. Of course they're not getting constitutional rights.

 @Lola3NPB  from California commented…2yrs

People who support giving them rights claim terrorists should be charged and tried by a jury (just like everyone else.)

The alternative would be to execute or jail them without due process.

@4RVSBFDfrom District of Columbia  answered…2yrs

USA is a major sponsor of terrorism. We should quit meddling in other nations.

@Fjandrfrom Washington  answered…2yrs

@8LY6DLM from New Jersey answered…2yrs

If they are a suspect than, they should be tested fairly but if they are a known terrorist than they should be locked up with no trial.

@4Q7X98Cfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

I don't think they should be given the right to a fair trial in federal courts but they should still be treated humanly.

@52L8D8Zfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

We wouldn't have to answer this question if we weren't legitimizing terror through unfair wars that create people accustomed to suffering and warfare as a norm, and who are living lives filled with terror because of us. This is not the way of Americans and it must stop.

@4RW83Q9from New Jersey  answered…2yrs

No, they are not U.S. citizens and do not have constitutional rights but all international treaties should be followed.

@5B7F2GSfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

@4RV9YSTfrom Florida  answered…2yrs

If they are foreign nationals and trial is brought in the United States or a US territory, then they should be given the same rights to a fair trial, innocent until proven guilty. They should not be considered as US citizens, though. They are foreign nationals and should be privy to the laws that govern foreign nationals within the US and our territories.

@4SQS88Kfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Having interrogated four dozen, and reviewed the cases of several hundred more, I find the jihadi's more like patriots than criminals. The Koran specifies how society is to be organized, and while I think it's foolish, our enemies do not. I encourage holding these men as POW's, until the end of hostilities or we use them as trading stock, or they are no longer an asset to the enemy

@963V7TG from Maryland answered…2hrs

If there is already strong evidence of their suspicion, then giving them a fair trial will clearly result in them being convicted.

@963RSXH from Kentucky answered…6hrs

I think they should be tried like a regular citizen but that the sentence they give them be doubled

@963PQCN from California answered…8hrs

@963PCJQ from Washington answered…8hrs

@963NF3H from California answered…9hrs

No if they already have a terrorism warning or have a dangerous criminal background

@963MDQ3Women’s Equality from Ohio answered…10hrs

They should be questioned and held before a court before any changes to their rights are put in place.

@963LXQ3 from West Virginia answered…10hrs

@963K785 from California answered…10hrs

@963HXK8 from Indiana answered…11hrs

@963F2DH from Missouri answered…12hrs

Yes, they still contain natural rights in the constitution however they are not U.S citizens and do not have other constitutional rights.

@963DN7LIndependent from Missouri answered…12hrs

@963CX8Z from Texas answered…13hrs

They are not a us citizen so should not have the luxuries of some things but should be treated to the bare minimum as a human.

@963CHWTIndependent from New York answered…13hrs

@963C4GS from Virginia answered…13hrs

@9639XNJ from Tennessee answered…14hrs

@96388T6 from Virginia answered…14hrs

@9637Q9J from Tennessee answered…15hrs

@96368HH from Pennsylvania answered…15hrs

They shouldn't be given the same constitutional rights, but they shouldn't be tortured because that is inhumane.

@9633W4P from Mississippi answered…20hrs

@962YGZG from California answered…1 day

they are only suspects i say do more backround checks on person before giving them the right

@962WCW4 from Delaware answered…1 day

@962XFJS from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

No, they should be treated in accordance with international law but not treated as criminals rather as enemy combatants

@962X67VLibertarian from Missouri answered…1 day

They should be given a fair trial, but should not be given those rights if they have been convicted.

@962WN5B from Colorado answered…1 day

they have rights but since they are terrorists its just a bit different

@962VQPK from Utah answered…1 day

Yes, give them a trial, but they shouldn't have all the rights an american citizen has (mostly talking about the fifth)

@962VHQN from California answered…1 day

Terrorists can only have; U.S. constitutional rights if their trial is held in the state and Prisoner of War rights if the U.S. declares war on that specific terrorist organization.

@962SZ76 from Colorado answered…1 day


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