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@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…7mos

Yes, for a defined period of time that is agreed upon by both Capitol police and members of Congress

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…7mos

Yes, for a defined time period that is agreed upon by both Capitol police and members of Congress

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…7mos

Yes, for a designated time period that is agreed upon by both Capitol police and members of Congress

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…10mos

Yes, for a period of time that is jointly agreed upon by members of Congress and the Capitol police

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…1yr

Yes, until violent riots have been stabilized for a given length of time jointly agreed upon by the Capitol Police and members of Congress

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…1yr

Yes, until violent riots have been stabilized for an indeterminate length of time

@8SL3X97Constitution from Texas answered…1yr

A security fence seems a little petty. People, especially US citizens, shouldn't willy-nilly be attacking it, but also it should be protected. The whole situation needs to be re-evaluated. Perhaps there should be more organization over what is the values of the people, and what is probable cause to create civil war in out nation, what are the liberties for all entities there, and if there are trials, what should it look like.

@8SK8XW7 from Arizona answered…1yr

The capitol should not be contained by a fence because that is caging democracy. The only time that a barrier should be necessary would be when the electoral college votes are being counted.

@8SK8MV8 from Illinois answered…1yr

I feel like America has other larger concerns to deal with. It should not focus on putting a fence up.

@8SK8HLW from Kansas answered…1yr

@8SK5G49 from Georgia answered…1yr

@8SK4RG8 from California answered…1yr

Yes, in January a group of republican trump supporters broke into the capitol building. Some were escorted out and even held by the hand while walking down the steps. If it were to be a group of people of color, they all would be dead right now, they would've killed them with no hesitation. This just proves white privilege and if people still say it's not real, they're just choosing to not see.

@8SJY2F5 from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

If you need a fence around a Capitol building, then you are afraid of the people and not for them. It's a sign of weak leadership and a hint of tyranny by a legislation. Congress worries about their own security more than the National Security or the border crisis.

@8SJXCK6 from Missouri answered…1yr

@8SJW4JZGreen from Washington answered…1yr

Yes, so people don't try to kill the president or raid the white house

@8SJVMR3 from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

I do not believe a fence is the answer. There are other ways to secure the capitol. How is the White house secured? Apply that to the capitol.

@8SJSJ4M from Washington answered…1yr

@8SJRZPZ from Washington answered…1yr

No, the only reason this is an issue is because politicians have caused great division in our people. Considering a fence is only proof of that.

@8SJRZHP from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, and there should be a military police force on standby to prevent a repeat of the January 6 insurrection.

@8SJRP5QDemocrat from Nebraska answered…1yr

@8SJRL93Republican from Tennessee answered…1yr

@8SJRHVF from Nebraska answered…1yr

no because then it would make the building feel like it was hiding more than it is

@8SJR5GP from Washington answered…1yr

I think that we shouldn't have a fence but have security members outside.

@8SJPHYGfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…1yr

No, but increase security measures and have a dedicated tactical response team

@8SJMXFB from Tennessee answered…1yr

@8SJMRCJ from California answered…1yr

i believe there should be a fence but there should be no reason to because there is loads of security there and the american people arent crazy..... except for some like who raided the capitol

@8SJMF88Democrat from Nebraska answered…1yr

since a bunch of white supremesist hillbillies can waltz right in than yes there should be higher security stances.

@8SJMF38 from Nebraska answered…1yr

@8SJMDVN from Florida answered…1yr

@8SJM8B6 from Texas answered…1yr

It is the citizens of the U.S. property. It is in the constitution. They can't prohibit us from going there. If they can block us off from the people's property then why can't we build a wall around our country?

@8SJLNNW from Washington answered…1yr

Yes because we could have more bombings like 9/11 because we never know what can happen.

@8SJLLJW from Missouri answered…1yr

@8SJKN5P from Connecticut answered…1yr

@8SJJJGW from New York answered…1yr

I don't think they should feel the need to do so and they should pass laws preventing possible attacks like gun control

@8SJJ8D5Republican from South Carolina answered…1yr

If a situation permits such, then yes, but if not, the public should be able to access it.

@8SJJ66G from Delaware answered…1yr


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