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@95WZ6NMRepublican from Georgia answered…1wk

I would vote for whoever I thought was right, and I am undecided at the moment.

@95QB35RPeace and Freedom from Georgia answered…2wks

@95G9VNS from Georgia answered…3wks

@95G7B8Z from Georgia answered…3wks

these people be interrupting my youtube videos with their ads so none of them

@95CR4VM from Georgia answered…3wks

All I see are ads talking bad about them so I don’t know who to pick

@94WXX9X from Georgia answered…1mo

@937XKL6 from Georgia answered…4mos

@INDIGOrat from Georgia answered…5mos

More information PLEASE about the candidates, just not yard signs or advertisements!

@92827Z5 from Georgia answered…6mos

@927Y2M6 from Georgia answered…6mos

@8ZR9TGB from Georgia answered…7mos

Haven't researched any of them, and not enough information has been handed out yet.


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