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Yes, but only for students with exceptional athletic, academic, or service achievements

@957QQY7 from North Carolina answered…4wks

@8QRJT3D from Ohio answered…2yrs

@967PNZJ from California answered…6hrs

@966V3QH from Michigan answered…1 day

Yes, but only for low income families or students with exceptional achievements in athletics, academics and services.

@9664GXH from New Jersey answered…1 day

@965QNTR from Montana answered…2 days

Yes, but only for students that need extra support that the public school is unable to provide

@964SS96Libertarian from Michigan answered…3 days

@964L5K8Constitution from California answered…3 days

@9643MLY from Michigan answered…5 days

@963WC3W from Michigan answered…5 days

Only for students with disabilities and IEPs that are not receiving proper accommodations in their public school

@963GHP2 from Missouri answered…5 days

Yes, but only for low-income families and those that have exceptional achievements.

@9622MBCIndependent from Wisconsin answered…7 days

Yes, but only for low income families in clearly unsafe and/or failing schools to attend a nonsectarian/non-profit private school.

@95YX32F from California answered…1wk

Yes, but only for non-religious non-profit schools that meet federal and state standards

@95XZ5TJ from Ohio answered…1wk

This should not be a universalized policy, but instead be decided based case to case scenarios, determining need and gain versus cost.

@95XVG7D from Texas answered…1wk

Yes, but only in communities with perennially low performance public schools. Reconstituting low performance public schools with quality programs, quality personnel, and quality student-data driven performance initiatives is a must.

@95V469C from California answered…2wks

@95TTJL3 from New Jersey answered…2wks

@95TL4YJIndependent from New Jersey answered…2wks

Only for charter schools, and he vouchers should only be given to academically gifted students

@95SZFCD from New York answered…2wks

Yes, if needed programming is not available for children in their district

@95SJPFP from Ohio answered…2wks

Ban charter schools. No, fed, state, and public funding should go to the institute

@Brett-Bagsham from Indiana answered…2wks

Yes, take what would be spent on them in a public school and allow them to use that money to go to a private school.

@95RTDGV from New Mexico answered…2wks

@95RSQXKGreen from Arizona answered…2wks

Yes, but only for students with special needs that are not met by public schools.

@95RSJWX from Oregon answered…2wks

In certain circumstances where a public education would endanger the child ie.bullying

@95QXX63 from Kansas answered…2wks

Yes, but private schools who accept the voucher can not require further payment cannot remove students paying with the voucher and must provide all services required by public schools.

@95P8DLX from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

No, private schools should decide it they want to offer vouchers for low income students.

@95NVCPJ from New York answered…2wks

If parents opt to home-school their kids, that voucher should pay for their homeschooling.

@95NJFXT from Oklahoma answered…2wks

@95N2SQL from California answered…2wks

@95LCGPT from North Carolina answered…2wks

@95L3J33 from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

Yes, any student regardless of class should eligible if they have exceptional athletic, academic, or service achievements.

@95KQD6C from Mississippi answered…3wks

Yes, but only for disabled students to be able to attend schools that focus on their needs.

@95J4YP2Democratfrom Maine  answered…3wks

Yes, but we should also focus on improving public education, so that vouchers will no longer be necessary

@95GYM5Y from Texas answered…3wks

@95DTHDYLibertarian from West Virginia answered…3wks

@95CSYY5 from Massachusetts answered…3wks

No, the government shouldn't be involved in education. Move to privatized education.

@95CH6QQRepublican from Oklahoma answered…3wks

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